Welcome back to another episode of the podcast podcast where we explore the, uh, the, how you can make a beautiful church, stapes design a corporate design for your church, for your client, how you can create a great stage backdrop and how we can serve you well. So, uh, we’re going to hop right in today. Uh, today specifically, I want to talk about something, something that’s not quite a panel. It’s about halfway between the panel and not available because I’m a half panels. So these are awesome, awesome things. If you’re creating a, a, any type of self standing church stage design backdrop, whether the be like a, uh, uh, one of our world kits or a, a, a backdrop, a made of towers. So, um, what a happy meal is, is it’s about half the height of a stock standard solid panel to going to be either made out of your fire rated coroplast or your fiery.

The PVC. So is the same material. You’re going to be using your normal stage backdrop in a, as it works the same way with the same connectors you use in your normal stage backdrop. Uh, and it, uh, it, what it does is it gives you kind of like a, a kind of like a finished edge to what you’re doing. So for example, uh, you can see on our site, there’s quite a few towers that have the half panels at the bottom. It’s really nice place where you can drop in branding, you print, branding onto your, a half panel, uh, and it gives it a, um, kinda like a shield, like a, a, a light shield to the bottom so you don’t see your church stage design fixture. All you see is the actual physical tower and the near white shoots up from the center.

So we’ve also, you can also use these on walls. So say for example, you’re building a self standing wall, uh, you can use these to separate your, your front and your back half of your wall. Um, these are, you know, they, they’d sit on a 90 degree to the x axis and a 90 degree to the y axis. Uh, so that’s gonna. So it’s like a, so vertically. So the z axis, it would be the one that follows. Um, so your panel is flat, you’re half panels perpendicular, and then you do that all the way around the entire self standing wall section a and that helps to give it the stability and gives it the structure or to, you know, essentially braids to each other. Uh, you can also use, we have some, um, institution rods that we also sell, which you can use in the middle of the tower to give you a little bit more stability, a, or if you’re looking to do, say if you’re looking to do more, know more of a large church stage design space instead of like a six by nine if you’re looking to do like a 12 by 20 or something or 10 by 20, um, had some of those in the center and that gives you a lot of rigidity on the design.

So I’m, let’s see what else. Um, so, and then how channels can also be used in normal backdrop. Uh, so these are great if you’re trying to use, you didn’t do black ones at the top to kind of give you some space to move your church stage design backdrop down visually, but able to, you could easily build it. Um, in addition to that, you can, uh, you can use animals to kind of offset rose. So like your first row would have no half males. Your second row would have a half day and one at the top. Your next route would have no panels. And what this will do is it’ll give you a kind of like a staggered look, uh, which will look really cool. And at any point you could drop in another half panel somewhere in the drop and it should line back up so that you continue as a solid wall if you desire to.

Um, so yeah, so that’s a little bit about path panels. The panels are on our site or available to purchase just like any of the other other panels. But even further than that, we can customize the half panels to match the design of a design of a standard. So say you have crescent moons and you want enough panels to fill out your wall, then we can cut across the moon pattern into that panel and then gives you the extra ability to be able to get really close on your, uh, on your total total state space. Make sure it’s as seamless as possible. Um, and then as I mentioned, the branding, let’s talk about that for just a moment. So, uh, one of the great things with the half national and even the solid panels is that you can do branding on your stage design. Uh, so the, the reason you would want to do branding on your stage backdrop is so that people know what you know, if it’s, let’s say an example for a corporate event, uh, you’re going to be wanting to, uh, communicate to people what they’re there for, why they’re there a build, any probably these are going to be people who already have brand recognition.
They’re going to be probably staff or at least vendors, but you’re going to want to, you’re going to want to, you know, this is kind of a easy. These events are a big deal, you know, this is a big deal for people to be able to office, to be meeting up together, to be, um, to be encouraging each other, to be learning from each other, to be a setting and setting and celebrating church stage design goals. Uh, so you want to be able to brand your event so that it shows that excitement. Um, if you’re working, if you’re looking at it in a church like in a church, we’ve seen, we’ve done branding for like special series. Um, we did one a while back that was called in the, um, in the, uh, in the sweet spot. So, and then there was a circle or the printed circle on a pvc that had a, had a spot in the middle of it.

And then around it was like areas that we might falter. Uh, and then we did a video camera from the top to shoot that. Well, the church data, video camera from the top to shoot down and show like, you know, as an illustration to read the message, Hey, this is a, you know, we need to be in God’s sweet spot when you be focused on the things that really matter and on building his kingdom, uh, which was really, that was a really cool visual. So that’s another option obviously, that you didn’t use half panels, but nonetheless it was a good a church stage design. Anyhow. Um, so, uh, going back into the stage backdrop, using the stage backdrop with the half panels can also be really interesting if you do half panels around the entire drop. So, so you do, you do a half panel, rural half nails at the very top. Then down the left and the right side, you do a half nail down each side. Then at the bottom you do a roll half panels. So what this will do, this whole frame in your design and give it a little more finished look.

And it’s a, it’s a, I think it looks cool. It’s a definitely a different look. You can also even do this on a smaller scale so you can do these half panels around a instead of a full stage design to three or four different sections of design and the new half panels around it to kind of frame it in and make it look like more of a visual element and necessarily a full stage backdrop. Um, this is a really good option for doing a church stage design as it’s pretty economical, will save you quite a bit of money by doing this as opposed to doing an entire wall, uh, because you can really, uh, use a few, a few different, you know, say cubes of the design around your church stage design, um, and have utilized that black space around it to kind of really set them off and give you some more or contrast.
Um, so yeah, so that’s a few different ways that you can, uh, you can use the monsoons half panels, uh, as I mentioned there are available on our website. If you have any thoughts or any questions about our products, about our services, and about how we serve people, I’d love to chat with you and to answer any questions you have to figure out how we can serve you best. Um, I’d love if you’d shoot me an email. My email is stephen and Monsignor [inaudible] dot com. You can also contact us and on our website at [inaudible] dot com slash contact us there. You quite a lot of really great resources for church stage designs for stage backdrops, for even corporate design. Um, we have a lot of products we think we think of, have been designed very well to be able to serve you and serve your needs. And I’m looking forward to serving you again. Shoot me an email, steven and Matson and [inaudible] dot com. I’m looking forward to serving you. Create a, a great stage backdrop with you and serving a for you for your next church stage design, your next corporate event or your next a backdrop in general. So thank you again for tuning in and we’ll catch you on the next one.

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