Welcome to episode 84 of the [inaudible] podcast. I’m thrilled today to talk to you about corporate stage design, specifically about using our products to create a beautiful stage backdrop for your next event at your, at your hotel or your corporate meeting or your sales meeting. Uh, we’ve done a lot of different corporate events and I’d love to kind of chat through some of the church stage design services we can provide to help you. We have a lot of clients we serve in the event industry, uh, whether that be a or that be churches or churches. I’m sorry, uh, whether it be corporations or smaller companies that do a meeting planning. We’ve done a lot of meeting planning, using, creating, creating specific backdrops to fit to fit a need to serve clients. We’ve done some custom art deco pieces. Look really great. Uh, those can now be seen as our deco panels.

Uh, we’ve even done, um, we’ve done a bunch of different custom logos, custom printing, custom branding for clients and even custom, um, custom pattern designs. We did one for vw a couple of years ago that essentially once you, once you put two panels together, it made it look like the, uh, the VW logo, which was awesome. Um, so yeah, so we have a lot of experience working with corporate clients, working with, creating a meeting stage backdrops, creating a stage backdrop that works great for a sales meeting or for a quarterly meeting or for a product launches. We just helped a client with a pharmaceutical product launch where we did a large to a large custom logo that was custom cut with a, a frosted acrylic backer, a along with a, a large smattering of modular scene titles. So they use some of our, some of our standard scene and tiles along with a custom logo to create a really good, a really good visual, uh, at a relatively low price because they were able to use the rented panels along with the customer panels.

Um, so I believe it was, it was like for about $2,000. They had a customized set that worked amazingly for them. So, uh, I would love to chat with you about how we can serve you and obviously we have a lot more to chat about in the corporate stage design realm, in the realm of creating a great stage backdrops for your next sales meeting or next you, whatever your next meeting is. However, if you do have any questions, even during this podcast, shoot me an email. My email is stephen and Monsignor [inaudible] dot com. Uh, and I’m the primary designer at the company and I also founded the company. I’d be really thrilled to go through this. I’m really designed my passion. So that’s the one thing that I really, uh, I really love to do. It’s one of the things that I, uh, I do a ton of.

That’s really my biggest role, uh, within the company is designing and creating great visuals for people. So yeah, shoot me an email, steven and monsoons.com and we’ll go over a year, next stage design for your next corporate event, your next product launch or next meeting, your next special event or wedding. Um, there’s a lot of things we can serve you with and I’d love to serve you. So, um, so let’s, let’s dive into one of those things. I just mentioned weddings a little bit. So we do, we’ve done a ton of weddings. We’ve created some really beautiful products, especially some tower products. So these are freestanding products that don’t require any other, they don’t require any additional type of drape or anything to hang from Newton. Literally just bring the products along with their concerns Thursday and building a community place which just makes it super flexible and easy to use the product, you can use it, you know, anywhere from a country club to an outdoor venue, to a church, to a event center simply breaks down into a single box.

You set it up and you run from there and it looks beautiful. One of the particular designs I really love for a wedding is our pump design. So pump is a, um, is a kind of A. I don’t wanna say it. A pump is a, uh, a design that’s a pretty elegant, uh, it’s a curve curvature. It’s Kinda like a doily. I know that sounds kind of crazy, but like a, like a think of a doily and think of a modern, modern, beautiful doily. Uh, so it looks really great, especially in a tower format. It looks really elegant. Um, another panel design I think works really great with church stage design weddings is the vine layout. So our binder evine panel is a, it looks like it’s a trellis vines climbing up a scenic panel and it’s a negative cut and it looks really, really beautiful. We also have hearts which works really well for weddings or even for a Valentine’s Day or if you’re doing like a branding around of love, like love for a product or love for anniversary, whatnot. Um, so yeah, that’s a really, really great option as well. Uh, and you can see most of these products on our website and if there’s something we’re talking about, you don’t see it, feel free to shoot me an email. I’d be happy to get more information on the product.

So in addition to that, we also have, um, we also have a event rentals, which I know I’ve mentioned in the past. Uh, but I’d love to chat a little bit about, so our event rentals are pre pretty simple and awesome. So you pay essentially $20 panel per week, uh, for our pvc products, or $15 a panel per week for our core class products, uh, they’re shipped out to you and they’re shipped out to you. You open up the box, you build everything immediately out of the box, um, within the, within the box, we also ship a return shipping label, so we send you everything you need so that you, it’s really simple. You set up your setup, your product or your event and your events done, strike everything, stick the new label on the outside of the box and drop it off at the Fedex office that’s inside the hotel or the Convention Center, uh, or you can also, we also set up a fedex drop off for it or fedex pickup for it.

Um, so yeah, really simple and easy to use. Uh, we make that process super, super easy and helpful. Um, in addition to doing the rentals, we also, we’re happy to do a rendering. So if you know, like, Hey, I have a church stage design client who’s looking for a 32 by 18 stage backdrop, that is a circular pattern, for example. Uh, we’ll go ahead, we’ll be happy to it. Throw that in, rendering, put the client’s product colors, uh, the branding colors onto that, really make it, make it look beautiful so you can help sell it to your client because I know, I know for us, you know, it’s best if we can show people visual. Uh, most people are visual when they’re looking at a stage set and we want to be able to provide the right visual to make it super easy for everyone. Uh, so, uh, we’d love to help you with that. So shoot me, shoot me an email of your questions or have your, what you needed rendering for and I’d be happy to create it happen to send it over. And then in addition to that, we also have all of our products available in a three d version. So if you’re looking to, I’m looking to create something you could just go through and, um, you know, drop in the vectorworks vectorworks a symbol that we have created to just drop those in and run with your design and create something beautiful. So I hope this is a helpful, a helpful podcasts. It’s a that it’s shown you a couple of really great ways that you can serve your corporate clients, create some really great, beautiful visuals. Um, while I’m, you know, while working to make a lasting impact for your next church stage design event, I would love to be able to help you.

Uh, we also do custom products, so if there’s some way I can help you, even if that’s, you know, be happy to create something that fits well with your, uh, your needs, um, from anything from just a normal panel design to a full, a custom design that involves a full costume church stage design design involved, intricate cutting or intricate, um, hardware needs to fit a specific need. We’ve done, you know, trust surrounds, we’ve done custom podiums, we’ve done custom panels, a custom acrylic work, which, you know, boxes made out of clear polycarbonate. It’s, uh, there’s a lot of different things we’ve done, obviously a ton of custom printing, a custom printing, the, the branding from branding to directional signage to, um, even just a design printed across an entire panel for like say an example, a somewhere where there’s a lot of ambient light. So I would love to chat with you, chat through your next stage design for your next corporate event.
You’re going to your next sales meeting, your next business launch, and there’s product launch. Um, I’d love to help you and make, you know, make your next event. I’m that much more special. So again, shoot me an email. My email is stephen at [inaudible] dot com and I’d love to take care of you, love to serve you and, um, and show you why we’re the best rate, the highest rated stage design company in the entire country. Um, you can actually look us up on, on Google if you type in bit dot l, y slash mod scene. You’ll see our current google reviews as of when we’re recording this podcast. We had 122 reviews with a, like over 95 percent five star rating. So that’s, uh, that’s unheard of in the, the, uh, the stage design industry, so we’re super proud of that. Uh, and we want to, we want to make, we want to make a product for you. It’s going to be a brings to a hundred and 23. So let us know how we can serve you. Shoot me an email@StephenMontana.com. Thanks so much.