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If you were wondering what ProScene panels are in relation to church stage design Solutions, then we would be happy to answer your question. ProScenes panels are fire-rated PVC panels that are designed to serve clients that need a more roadworthy Scenic project. They come in 23.5-inch squares designed to build quickly and transform a space with minimal effort. Therefore, if you are a traveling production or event, these solutions would be great for you. They can fly from trust, pipe and drape, or be set up as self-supporting towers. Additionally, on top of the standard Hardware included with each pack, we also offer captive Hardware which provides easier and quicker options for building.

It is important to us to make sure that all of our traveling clients can set up their Church stage design or other designs easily and without too much effort. That is why if you are someone who is on the road a lot and needs to be able to set up the environment quickly, then these panels will be great options for you. Luckily, you do not have to worry about being Limited in design with these types of panels. They’re all different types of panels and Designs available for you under this category. However, you might be interested in the type of material that we use when building all of our products. That is a good question and we would be happy to answer it.

The materials we use for our products depend on the type of product you were getting. For our ModScene panels, we use custom white 4 mm coroplast. This has a high GSM density which gives it a higher strength than normal coroplast. We also have a custom resonant that makes this material fire retardant. It is durable, lightweight, and reflective that will work great for stage designs. For our ProScene panels, we utilize a fire-rated PVC. This is 6 mm thick and has a very uniform texture. It is relatively sturdy and is great for extended-use applications. This plastic cleans easily and is very reflective. It lets itself will 2 extended use and demanding areas of Scenic Design.

It is also important to note that we can cut almost any material in order to make some products that meet your dreams. So if you’re looking for something that is similar to the above-mentioned or something totally different, all you have to do is ask. You can go to our website to read more about how we can help you at https://modscenes.com/. You can also call us at (530) 723-6421 if you have any more questions.

Church Stage Design | Receive Orders Fast

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