Welcome to episode 1 94 of the Mod Scenes podcasts. I am so thrilled to talk to you today about church stage design ideas, and specifically a church stage design idea that we just helped a church in sandwich, Illinois, create. We just created a I’m sorry, Peoria, Illinois sandwich, Illinois. The other one that we will talk about in the second half. So this first half and Illinois, there’s a church that we helped create a beautiful stained glass art feeds. So this was for their stage design for Easter of 2021. Uh, they, it was a stained glass art piece. It was back lit. It looked absolutely incredible. So Avalon scenes we’d love to make the impossible possible. Uh, the particular project we talked about included lots of chandelier’s. So in total, we got 18 St Lashanda leaders. They are octagon a lot shape, and they were a huge air, four foot tall, uh, in the octagon was about 2020 inches across.

So quite large. Uh, we also built three very large stained glass windows. The center one was eight foot tall by seven, sorry, 17 foot tall, 17 foot tall by eight foot wide. So 17 tall by eight foot wide. And then we also created two smaller windows on either side, which were eight foot tall by 15 foot, 15 foot tall by eight foot wide, these stained glass windows and use primary colors. And it looked incredible. They, uh, they were, um, we used red, green, blue magenta, and the hammer. So we use these colors. Uh, they were the precision cut, uh, stained glass patterns out of black Coroplast. Uh, we’ll start with the background. So we cut those out of the black Coroplast. Then we went through and we had here a color media to the back. Like I said, it’d be red, green, and blue Amber magenta. Um, those colors we used,

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Colors. We used, um, adhere to the back of their panels. Um, and they allowed flight through and they gave it a nice clean, finished look. Um, the, uh, the, each of the panels was, uh, modular and it’s designed so it could be moved around. So if they wanted to have a different look, they could, um, and each of the colors was randomized to make sure that the stained glass looked like a real stained glass design and not something like a cookie cutter, same thing over and over again, uh, with that it made for an incredible one. Um, we have photos on our website. If you go to monsignor.com and also on our social media, on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter, you can see some of the photos there. They’re absolutely incredible. And the great thing about this, cause we took this custom project and we’ve turned it into a product now.

So now you can purchase your own stained glass pieces on our website. So they, they come with our same, uh, with safe, high quality hardware. They bolt together super easily, um, and you can build them into your desired shape, uh, and really create something cool. That’s quite different from a white backdrop. You can really utilize light a lot more with this particular black state lash backdrop. Uh, it’s quite a problem. So that’s the backdrop elements. Let’s talk about the chandelier. So we created the issue believers again, using Blackboard blasts, which was cut into two segments, the two segments bolted together and on the backside of them, uh, a clear, a clear piece of PETG, which is a den like a, a thin plastic, um, which had the color here to it. Um, so we had here the color onto those, the fifth piece of plastic, and they bolted onto the backside. Once they were all bolted, they hung those fixtures and their ceiling around their house lights, um, and create this beautiful glow, like a, uh, like a 1,950. [inaudible]

Forgive my directions. I am traveling to our next church stage design and I’m super thrilled to be going to it’s actually for the Olympic swim trials. So super excited to be serving in that way. Um, so let’s jump on our next project. Sorry. That’s Cod project is in sandwich Illinois. So there’s a church based and see how much they needed help with both their senior design and their lighting design, their church stage design and their lighting design. So their stage design, uh, their state’s design, they wanted something that would reflect light. Well, that would capture light well. So we specified our mod scenes, Keystone panels. So he is the dimensional kind of crisp with the Keystone panels. And this gave them the ability to like both the top and the bottom, which looked incredibly beautiful. Um, this, uh, this book paid for tons and tons of flexibility with their lighting design and it, it also provided a great opportunity for them to have something that didn’t look as flat. It helped break their, um, bring their worship team.

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This, uh, this dimensional character helped to move us help to separate the, uh, the worship team from, from the backdrop. This me for a really incredible, really incredible look and church stage design. Um, as you can see on some more photos on our website, and for seven more miles, we will be talking about awesome stage design in sandwich, Illinois. So, uh, this, um, we also provided the light and they need it. So, uh, we provided some American DJ led strips. So these were hex led strips. So red, green, blue, Amber UV, and white led strips. So these led strips, um, these led strips help the, of our panels incredibly well with church stage design.