Welcome to another episode of the Mod scenes podcast podcast, where we talk about incredible stage scenic and how we can serve you with your next church stage design or going to a corporate event stage design. So Monsanto is a company that create stage backdrops, are stage backdrops, are incredibly flexible. You can use them in multiple different ways, uh, make different layouts on your church stage design stage backdrop to a to evoke different feelings, feelings of Awesomeness, feelings of excitement, feelings. I don’t know that I’ve ever tried to get some, uh, some boroughs, no us. So Barry a somber somberness I don’t know if I ever trying to get that, but, uh, I’d be more than happy to try. So if you need a church stage design for a funeral home, a look us up. Uh, in all seriousness though, uh, we love, we love serving churches and clients. We do a lot of corporate clients, a lot of pharmaceutical drug launches, a front of the pharmaceutical stage design stage design for drug launches stage resigned for a corporate events.

So corporate church stage design meeting events. Uh, we also do like holiday parties for a lot of different, uh, business meetings. Uh, so yeah, so we have a pretty broad range of things that we do to serve our clientele and um, yeah, and I’d love to serve you. So, uh, in addition to making really, really easy, you stage backdrops, our stage backdrops are made to be super, super light weight. They’re made to take white incredibly well. So when you throw even a, a, you know, a mid range led onto our products, they shine brilliantly, just beautiful and it’s crazy how good they look and since they’re so lightweight, you can hang them directly from pipe and drape, a know standard pipe and drape with sandbags at the bottom, which makes, it saves you a ton of money, especially if you’re in a facility like a, you know, the Gaylord Texan or uh, you know, any of the, any PSAV controlled facilities there, you typically have to rent their trust to use.

You have to use their rigging a. So I get to be a really long drawn out process. It’s really expensive. Uh, and this makes it simple because you can hang directly to the pipe and drape a and just run with it. So, um, and it makes it easy to build because you build it as you go up. So, uh, let’s see what else? Um, so in addition to our products, uh, in addition to our scenic products, we also distribute, distribute dmx hoist. So these are motorized orbs or tubes with leds. These leds into these led fixtures move up and down based on a dms program that you control, they can go as low as 28 feet, which was awesome. So you have a lot of travel within the, within the units, um, they are, uh, you know, they have stroke functionality to have movement functionality of a speed functionality, so you can create really cool.

I’m like wave type effects with you with the different luminaires. Um, and we’re also developing a really cool new, a really cool new, a tmx voice that we’ll be featuring on one of our upcoming podcasts. It’s going to be incredible. I’m super, super excited about that. We’ve been doing testing, uh, we’re doing a couple of minor modifications to the luminaire to make it exactly what we want, but it’s going to be mind blowing. Um, are, they are first role is going to have like 60 of them on it. It’s gonna look super cool. So excited about it. Um, in addition to that, in addition to the products we create and approximately approximately create the bigger thing though is what we do for you as a client. So our goal is to serve you incredibly well in everything we do. So in our process we have it made it so that, um, you know, services of the, of the utmost, you know, our goal is to serve you like a five star, a scenic company that serves you like a five star hotel.

Um, we want to be a overly clear with all of our communication. We send a clear, detailed church stage design instructions, a things ship out early to make sure that anything that were to happen with ups, even if there was some sort of issue with, uh, getting, getting to the location, uh, that if need be, we could even send a, we’ve had to send spare things before, we’d be happy, you know, if something happens, we’re ready to take care of that. Um, so in addition to that, um, we also help with designing, so part of our, part of our, our role in helping is a, we’ll do full color renderings of your stage set, make it look incredible and make it look like exactly what you envisioned. Um, our goal is to help you create your vision. Um, so yeah, I would love if you’d reach out to us if you would, uh, if we could serve you with your next stage design. I’m really thankful that you’ve taken the time to listen to our podcast and learn a little bit about us and I will be looking forward to chatting with you on the next one.

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