Welcome to another thrilling episode of the Mod Scenes podcast. This is your host, Steven, and I’m thrilled to talk with you today on episode 87 of our podcast, focusing on stage backdrops, church stage designs, designs for corporate events and anything beautiful modular scenic can bring. So, as many of you know, I am the owner and director of mod scenes. My primary role at the company is designed, uh, so I love designing. I love taking inspiration from other places to create new products and new designs. Um, so I want to kind of go over a little bit of how I, how I pull inspiration because I think it might be beneficial for others who are new, either new in design or honestly, I’m always learning. That’s one of the things that I try to make a focus in my life is to be continually learning. So whether it be business, it’d be designed to stage backdrops, uh, technology for, for creating, creating, manufacturing.

Uh, I’m always trying to learn the new, the newest thing, um, so that I can make the best decisions and, and serving people and serving the Lord. So let’s dive in. So whenever I’m looking for new inspiration, uh, actually that’s one of the things I don’t necessarily, I’m not always, I don’t necessarily looking for new inspiration. I typically find it as I’m going. So one of the things I’ve found that’s very, very important for successful designers, not necessarily be searching, always searching like, oh, have a project now I’m going to search for search for inspiration. It’s more, I’m finding inspiration as you go. So for example, um, I remember quite vividly, um, a very specific texture. So there’s texture is a thin linear texture. It is the design for a bamboo panel. The panel that designed that I, I’ve made based off of it. Um, so it’s very thin lines, a very beautiful looking thin lines.

Um, but the original church stage design inspiration for that came from a Mcdonald’s in the middle of nowhere, Alabama. Uh, no, Georgia, it was by the Alabama, Georgia port. It was somewhere around there. Um, but it was like three in the morning and driving back from an event. It might’ve been a conference, I believe, um, but stopped to get an orange juice and a sandwich. And, um, you know, obviously I been really have staged backdrops on my mind. I was more thinking about orange juice, so I didn’t have, you know, designing a set on my mind or a church stage backdrop on my behind. You’ve literally, the only thing that was on my mind was orange juice because I thought that was going to help me stay awake. Uh, that being said, um, orange juice, well, I don’t know, Mcdonald’s, orange juice, aunt caffeine, I don’t know that. I don’t know that normal orange has caffeine.

I don’t think it does. If it does, um, I very much on do not understand how food works. So, um, anyhow, back to the set design piece. So, um, I, I remember this specific set design and thinking through like, Hey, what, you know, a seamless piece and just going, oh my gosh, that’s beautiful. That’d be incredible. Panel design. So let me work on it. So, uh, I took a picture on my phone, I’m just saying for later to say the same thing, the concept for later. Uh, so these lines were really 10, probably a 16th of an inch thick, which would be too small for our panel, uh, or at least realistically and manufacturing and we just went for a panel. Uh, so I went ahead and, you know, about a month later, actually I found that picture again while I was working on a. I was working on designing a couple other things and I was like, Hey, I remember this inspiration that I looked at such and such time ago. So I’m going to jump back to that. So I did go back to that picture, starting to look at it and kind of a in Colombia.

So with that inspiration, you know, I pulled the specifically for that church stage design panel, I pulled the, uh, the idea of making the idea of making thin lines. They intertwined sorta like bamboo. So what I did is I took those lines and made them intersect with just a couple of places. I widened the lines out so that it wouldn’t be, it wouldn’t be a, a, so it wouldn’t be like a really tight deadlines to be credible on a CNC. There was actually a usable and then also so that on scale, whenever you put it up on the stage backdrop and just look like just add lines. So, uh, after that I went through and I looked, the panel wasn’t super happy with it looks very close to my original concept that, you know, that concept I was pulling from, but I didn’t like it. It didn’t have that, uh, the correct vibe yet.

So it took a little bit more time. I copied some of the lines, mirrored some of the lines, intersected similar lines, changed some rotations, vary the rotations, a deleted half of it, added some more rotations, added some more lines so we didn’t have those lines. Um, and I probably spent two hours just going through and adding and taking away adding and taking away until I felt like I got something that felt right, something that looked clean, yet elegant, something that was a would be worked well as a stage backdrop or in church stage design. Something I could or even event say something I could, uh, I could duplicate it across multiple panels and would look correct as they intersected as they continued the pattern throughout. So, um, so yeah, that’s how I came up with that bamboo panel. Uh, and that’s how I come up with a lot of my panels was taking in initial inspiration from something and then taking an editing and morphing it to, uh, to what, uh, what I, what I need. So I hope this has been beneficial to you. I’d love to help you think through your next stage, design, your next church stage design or events at stage design stage backdrop. I’d love to help you with that. So shoot me an email. My email is steven@modscenes.com And I’d be thrilled to chat through your next project and see how we can create something wonderful for you. Thanks again. Thanks for tuning into the Mods cenes podcast and I will chat with you soon.

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