Welcome to the [inaudible] podcast. This is your host, Stephen, and I am thrilled to chat with you today about creating a beautiful stage backdrop and a great church stage design for your church. And you. So today we’re going to talk a little bit, a kind of a conversation we were having about a stage backdrops in our last podcast, episode 66. So have you ever had a chance to listen to that one about, uh, about creating a great stage backdrop within your church, create and creating a great church stage design, utilizing fire rate of materials. Have a look at that again, that’s episode 66. Uh, so today we’re going to launch into a other products to build a church stage design. So, um, this will, we’re actually, it’s going to be three parts of this. Uh, so the first part, the second part today I should say is going to be, I’m going to be based on more lighting type effects that you can use for a stage backdrop.

And then our next episode will be about non fire rated products that you can use for a stage backdrop. So let’s jump in. So, um, the products that we’re going to talk about on the lighting end, our, um, are, are pretty vast and it’s not a, it’s not a complete list, so just as a heads up is not a complete list, but it’s a good starting point just as lighting is one of those, uh, one of those things that there is a ton of, a ton of options, a ton of information, a ton of variation in a tongue different uses. So we’re going to hit some really high points and then we’re going to go from there. So when you’re making your church stage design, uh, you always need to be thinking about what, uh, what’s appropriate, what works well with the congregation. And so some of these items are not going to be fit correctly for your congregation.

And that’s okay. I’m just make a mental note of what you think might work or might not. And if you have any questions or thoughts or if there’s any way we can help you Kinda Kinda talk through it, we’d be happy to, uh, you can contact us on our contact page at [inaudible] dot com slash contact. Anyhow, let’s jump into the, uh, the lighting realm of church stage designs. Okay. So we’re talking specifically about the lighting, lighting backdrop elements, so not, not lights to light backdrops with the actual elements for the stage backdrop. So those elements can range from incandescent lights to leds. We’re going to start with some of the most common, uh, one of my favorite is led tape. So a lot of people have seen this done. Uh, there’s been a lot of great articles on it, on church stage design ideas.com and I’ve seen some really great uses of this product.

Um, so the way it works is you power, you have a strip of tape which has a light emitting diodes on it. That strip of tape is powered by a small DC power supply. And then the data, uh, to control that, the intensity of that, of that, of that led tape is a, is controlled by decoder. So the way it works wiring wise is you go, uh, so DC power out of your transformer, into your decoder. And then that DC power, uh, all the, all the red, the red, green and blue led’s on the led tape tie all their negatives, tying to one bus bar and the positive sign to red, green and blue, you know, obviously in order. So, uh, there’s obviously variations on this. There’s a rgbw tape and there’s a, there’s tape that takes, uh, takes in what’s out the, uh, the positive and negatives for every set.

I’m realistically, that’s the, that’s the main idea of how it works. So the great thing about this is it emits light, so it works even in a high, a high ambient light space, um, it emits light, so it’s going to high ambient space, um, it relatively easy to store when you’re done with it, it’s easy to store stage backdrop, so you could set it up and once you’re done with it and roll it back up onto its, really put it back in boxes and use it the next time. It’s also a multipurpose. So if you’re done using it as a visual piece, uh, you can turn it into an actual light for something else. Uh, I’ve seen people use it to apply like inside of a piano or applied. I’m even seeing pieces depending on how their lead or in a or light the interior of a trust, like putting it on the interior of the trust shooting inward.
So each of those is a pretty good reuse of the tape. So, which makes it even better purchase for a church stage. Um, the only thing I caution people along with a led tape, and this is a very mild caution. I’ve used this stuff before and I would probably use it 100 times again. Uh, so is that with the led tape, you want to make sure that you’re buying a, a, a good quality tape that that’s not going to short out and cause a fire or something like that. That’s the only a slight caution I’d have a. If you buy, there’s a company called super night, they make really, really great led tape. Um, and they also make decoders as well. They’re a great company and I would suggest using them if you’re looking for led tape, uh, for relatively inexpensive Lha a couple of manufacturers make some great stuff to a glp.

Makes him great pencil tape in. Great. Just led tape in general. Um, La, she makes some pretty good stuff. So yeah, so there’s a, there’s a couple options, uh, so a little bit of an offshoot to that, to the led tape. His log pixel tape. So I mentioned the gop makes some really great led pixel type. Uh, there’s a couple other companies that make some really great stuff too. Um, there’s a um, oh my goodness, I’m sorry, my brain went dead for a second. Intent in tech makes some really great stuff. I’m the, and honestly there’s a lot of Chinese companies that make some pretty great stuff. Um, the, I can’t remember the one that we’ve used recently, but I think it’s like hands out lighting. Uh, but obviously I don’t even know how to pronounce it and spell it. So sorry. I’m. So that’s also another good option. So the big difference between standard tape and Pixel tape, uh, is the, uh, is the controllability. So on a standard drip tape, you’ll have up to 16 foot of control. So 16 foot led diodes spaced probably every, you know, in three inches or so. Maybe it depends on the time.