Church Stage Backdrops | Colleges Need Stages Too

Welcome back to the monte in podcast, so you know me, or my personal blog you’ll, see that I have a huge heart for the church. I love serving the church and its really. What birth month seems our capabilities to create great stage backdrops for churches. You Know:i’ve been a christian since, since high school, one of my good friend invited me to church service at his at his local church. It was super stuffy and didn’t like it. Church Stage Backdrops short time later, another friend invited me and that’s why I don’t want to do that, yet they had a halo that they just got halo in their church like in their youth group. They had a fun gaming systems with halo. So so, if you play halo as a high schooler, you learn how to make stage backdrops i, also at that time and still to this day, have a great passion for music.

So I got involved at the church and specifically started doing some audio and lighting for them really have anybody to ever get it done lighting. So it was a cool little addition that we start adding in all the gear they just didn’t. Have anybody to the one to do it or knew how to do it or do anything about it, so I really got into it, went off to college work at house of blues for a while and then start working in the church up north up in northern orlando northland churchand really got to hone my skills. They are on being able to learn how to best grade vitamins for worship. Looking at figuring out, you know, does this work? No, this doesn’t what that lena? Does this word? Yes, Church Stage Backdrops no! No back-and-forth figuring out the best, the best weighted to design a church stage, backdrop to design a stage design within with him, you know specifically within the youth, are so I spent a lot of that time.

You know perfecting perfecting how how to light individuals based off of the stuff I learned in school, but also and looking, and seeing specifically how people react to certain situations, certain moods that you create with the lighting. So, what’s up with the the kind of the the base lighting hours ago, that I had that I use I started with that and then built from their based onand, the other stuff I learned as I was going so starting from there starting starting from there. We Church Stage Backdrops did a lot of classes in in college on whiting, specifically lighting design, which I really loved one of my big passion right next to and from different different area, so from dance. So if your lighting, former or an element on the side, lighting, really defines and pulled out, the three-dimensional elements within your state, I’m really super excited.

Actually, today we’re working on the stage design of journey church little bit later today, I’m coming up going up there and volunteering with with our team there in order to be doing like half of the lighting on his inside lights, but I really pulled into because it’s a it’s a lot less heart. As far as like it’s it’s more flattering for skin tones, especially on video, which is a lot of churches. Do video within their services now really like her. Does natural color you’re going to drop design the best way to say that unconventional? No at it’s going to look unnatural? That’s that’s what I’m natural recipe of focus as a turf line designer you want to be helping your congregation, connect with your worship, leader on stage and connect with l4 through so i, don’t want to put red front light or green or blue front like that on to any of any our worship leader, Church Stage Backdrops very specific, the specific we’re doing, which is probably, in my all my time, doing. Lighting I’ve only ever use the primary color light three times on.

The worst person in that was to create a more of a dystopian affect an unnatural effect credit for the night. With my front light, I typically do a white or or costell front lights, occasionally at in a little bit of light blue or something a little bit of flavor visually, maybe lavender, but I want to keep that towards a really tone down color, because the more saturated the more natural looks on tan skin tone on the front like on front. So you’ve got a lot of really great color and feel from the way that everything’s laid out within the within the side, light a combination of a combination of some jack white and some side light and some up lines and down a little bit of everything. To put this together, so I know to get multiple, multiple, multiple depp’s, multiple shadow shadows, that’s going to create a lot of really great visual for your stage design in the church, and so one of the things that I have that really whole do. You know have created created internal for myself and my time in northland is well actually even as much as I hate. Church Stage Backdrops It I really did hate it being a lighting designer going from doing club lighting, where it’s like strobes to do in a lot more subtle, worship, music and sound. Definitely some stuff but I put on me was no boot, so they ask for no movement, no fast, pretty much

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