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Welcome back to another podcast called supporting towers system of backdrop, products that has really been pretty awesome for them, since their implementation has grown. They’re gio gio series of products by 100% implement within their power products created for them follow the same regimen is:are protein products they contact for seeing some of our protein products on our site. The gift. Dimensions of those panels are 23 and a half inches by 23 and a half inches. We created we created some hardware for them. It was specifically like 4 pin power connectors in a little bit further from the initial tower offerings we had instead of doing plastic plastic base, Church Stage Backdrops everything was made with a polish painted aluminum. So whenever we made the prosper quest events for their stage backdrop products, we made sure everything was all the all.

The hardware was made of plastics, specifically a non fire rated non fire rated polycarbonate, so I’m on fire radio.Contrast to our products, which we we decided to spend the extra money on the fire rated polycarbonate, it’s a much better. In our opinion, it’s a stronger material. It does scratch a little bit easier, but worth it 45 rating. In addition to that, we also build a entire setup of faces for them. So is a picture of tower and wall bases total. We built we built somewhere near 200 of thoseso there, a three-quarter inch plywood base with aluminum angle, iron, aluminum angle, with captive bolts. So you can lay down specifically down you. You cannot teach tower piece with a single bolt, wing nuts and wants to know. Did you can build if needed? You can actually fill the walls out as far as 50 ft, so pretty great free products so Church Stage Backdrops.

In addition to addition to making all of this custom backdrop products the custom power products, we also get all the entire marketing marketing deployment kit. For then I had photos and videos of each type of set. We created. We did structural analysis on each piece to make sure that it could be built to the desired 14 ft tall after our structural analysis and during our manufacturing. We made sure that we are hitting very, very precise measurements and make sure that the structure, structural integrity of the 14 hours would be sufficient and-and it’s been great so part of the marketing that we put together for them and photos and video. We also put together a how to, on the backdrop modular towers and wall segments, so we’ve been together pacificstep by step how you can build the product went. There was a verbal descriptions of everything they were packing list power, so it included 17 panels, 17th design panels, 5 solid panels for branding and or tops solid, full size panels, 17 half side panels would we use four sides and wall segments and to a quarter. Church Stage Backdrops Panels were used for the end of a wall segment with a bottom border.

In addition, that were also a single tower base and three wall bases that connected together and a plethora of hardware, including the captive power connectors for the four way into a captive 4, way, flat, connector cabinets and at a later time we also started include braces well for braces for elongated setups that were over 16 wide glide, elongated, brace. The bracelet hours into april 19th with our winter time with last week, we developed a really great backdrop system. That Church Stage Backdrops was I mean it’s been super profitable for them. You can’t even see on our reviews about it. It’s markets, we shipped it deployment throughout their entire entire location fan, so we did timmons to miami, san, francisco, atlanta, chicago, dallas and la. In addition, we done a lot of a lot of last-minute recorders. For them. We had a couple that went to san francisco for a large event there another to nashville, and we got a few more that is on john elsewhere.

So I hope this is a good amount of how we serve them. Well, we created really took our product and made a couple of changes to fit their particular rental needs. Well and since then, it’s been a very profitable, very profitable, he’s a beer for them, so I would love to chat with you see how we can how we can best serve you with our product, how we can create a profitable, high return-on-investment, set up for you and see how we can help you to grow your scenic and your business thanks for tuning in to the mountains. Podcast again, this is steven shoot me an email with any questions. I’d love to chat with you. My email is stephen and mal teens.Com. Church Stage Backdrops You can also see my phone number on our website at mod teens.Com contact us to talk more about teach backdrops about how we create great backdrop product and how we go above and beyond, to serve our clients

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