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Welcome to the martins podcast I’m joined by two of the most incredible people in the world. For today’s special podcast. Are we talking about stage backdrops and creating an awesome stage? Backdrop today, abnormal with our maltese podcast? In the backdrop of awesomeness that we talked about so now we’re going to one world first I’m going to introduce declan hall. He is my son. He just broke the 8-week mark, not too long agohe’s not amused sarah. My beautiful wife is also here so today, I’m going to let sarah actually leave the podcast, which I just started, recording and told did not tell her. So it’s going to be great. We are avid fans of the lego movie in case you were wondering. So if you ever want to understand how we run our business and create stage backdrops, it’s all based on the, lego movie right for backdrops, Church Stage Backdrops as in when we’re doing conferences and setting up for our trade show booths in setting up the first one that was in 2015 was up for a backdrop in each room for the salt conference.

The breakdowns we did, 8. Tonight was actually. That was one of our first exit at first green jacket, which I now have dubbed my mod seems jacket, because it has these great large exterior pockets on either side. So I put, it can do like an entire entire room off of off of those pockets of fulton wing nuts, and then I find it on my laundry for the next 6 months. I helped the ac hotel in downtown oklahoma city launch their new building and we set up a stage backdrop in their lobby. In with that stage, backdrop used I want hardware and it is currently spread over our bookshelf as you walk in the door of our house, so I would not all of it, but in a previous episode, Church Stage Backdrops I talked about how, if you wear the most stylish pants ever the ones you call cargo shorts, those those are great for us holding your bolts in your wing nuts.

In your cat nuts. One of your building set, the only thing I can suggest, is not to wear them with socks and sandals cuz, that’s funny fashion. Faux pas, that’s just meant to be like cher, beautiful, completely different, like the orientation of the room and the size of the room in the church that was hosting salt, that you’re going to brentwood baptist church at how well they looked and how they transformed like each and every room with like just a single it like five hundred and a backdrop that each room can, including all the the the drop, the scenic and the lighting. Each person took a room essentially so, and it took us about 6 hours to set up 7 rooms and the trade show booth, including lighting, which for I mean, if you can’t imagine, the break-out rooms ranged from from 16 foot wide by 8 foot tall to 12 foot tall by 36, ft wide, there’s a pretty big range in there, Church Stage Backdrops and some of that some of the rooms were pretty big. Aren’t you there was like a 8 by 10 foot in the snow classroom, but there’s only one like that.

The majority were somewhere in the 16 16 by 8, the 24 by 8 area. We did the samurai in actually had like a small stage in a very like deep, narrow room. We we curved, though, so, that on our martins creations, page at martins., com creations, that’s on there. If you see a tv in the right-hand corner with orange graphics on it, that’s it that’s! When we’re talking about you’ll see it has a nice curve, which is something about. You can actually curb your jeans as your building. You have to curve about a few degrees, each each panel, maybe 10 degrees, the most the steering connector you can actually been them if you’ve been them even met him up to about 30 degrees before they want to start to search of deformed too much. So if you’re trying to make like a make like a outside corner or something you can bend, those with some success just know that they have a tendency to bend back a little bit schedule little bit further than you. Can you plan on keeping them corner brackets in the corners, such a fun thing? For me to be able to do with you that we got to do it together and it was a very beginning like of my teams, and so we were still like kind of like there is so much potential for the backdrops that that had an actually been done yet so it looks like curving that scene in there or let or using or really discuss, bring like all the different possible orientations for all the panels and the different pattern designs of those could come up with, and things like that. So that was really fun. We had a lot of are a lot of our initial photography, our promotional for dogs. He came from that conference Church Stage Backdrops.

It was great because it was the first time that the for the most part other than some some good friends of mine are followers of my personal lighting, design, blog and you know, friends on facebook and what not really got to see the product in action and i. Think we probably head over over a hundred. Fifty people come to the booth and come talk to us and, oh my gosh. You did the backdrop and such and such like. Yes, we did, which one was that now I don’t understand what color was the is good stuff, though jaclyn degrees. Oh, are you done with the podcast? You want to talk for a while go for it, okay, cool! Why do we not have a month since wednesday? Yet for him? Oh, my gosh, okay, guys, we need to end this podcast. We have a very, very important things to take care of declan. We are getting you a maltese onesie, a leatherman, a mini maglite and a sea ranch this evening will probably be as big as you it’ll work that right. What’s your response, how babe ruth bat got it thanks for tuning in to my teeth podcast were thrilled to be able to serve. You shoot me an email at steven at martins., com, I’d love to talk to you about your backdrop, I your stage backdrop and how we can serve you serve. You return to your corporate of that. Well, Church Stage Backdrops looking forward to chatting with you

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