Church Stage Backdrops | Searching Out The High Quality Options

Welcome back to the martins podcast with us, through our company mods heat, we are ach backdrop provider based out of norman oklahoma. We ship all over all over the states and all over the country I’d be thrilled to help you with your stage backdrop or even help you with a event backdrop. However, I can help you best, please let me know and you can reach out to meet steven at mods.Com. In the last episode, we were talking through backdrop concept that we’re working on for our home church journey, church., tv, specifically really quickly. What we’ve been talking about. We’ve been talking about a seed backdrop based around the movie grease, Church Stage Backdrops so we are doing a series called the one you, the one that I wantand it’s going to try and some elements of greece and the visuals from it. We talk through some of the visuals that we’ve searched out some of the research we found and really were talkin peru power. How we’re going to turn that into a sack. So there are a lot of options for creating a very literal set as far as grease goes, but we want to go figure figurative so that we’re able to use it for as a face backdrop after after our four weeks series are starting in the circular design of that, so we talked about using some crescent moon owns, which makes life really easyand. We’re talking we’re getting into the specifics of how we talked about conceptual.

Now we’re going to the. How are my dl, you don’t have, it might be. You know multiple, multiple things like that is we have we have to set that weird. We have the set that we need to do. We have a budget of pretty much $0. We have about $200 that we can spend on a couple of small elements and one of the elements we plan on spending that, on his the the pendant pipe shapes story using the mod seems we already home. So it’s part of the way to work keeping within that budget. Other times we’ve used when we been in a place where we have a very low budget for a design leave. Intermix are mod scenesaluminum window screen. We’ve we’ve done more sporadic layout, Church Stage Backdrops so there’s less panels you so there’s a lower-cost. We bought used product from if you’re looking for something like that at use product or like an ex rental product, shoot me an e-mail I’ll be happy to get you a discount call someone that would be me that we’ve creatively up on stage backdrops or stage backdrop for for room or rooms whenever we’re doing you know trying to work within a specific budget. Additionally, we were really glad we have a lot of lighting in house of the church, so we don’t have very many limitations. As Church Stage Backdrops far as lighting, we don’t have very many spot fixtures, but that’s one of the great things with using or is that what crepe to text her? Since we don’t have spotting a lot of pictures, wink radar, texture with with our backdropso a lot of people-ask me like what like they would get for their church and I typically suggest a wash type picture like the map, 101 or great picture they’re old now, but they’re there still a great picture because they are there really perfect for that kind of use. Mac-11 map, 301 sand, max, 700 majority of those are our wash fixtures.

I will custom color blast leds, so using those we do a lot of lighting of textures because we don’t have a meeting at 700 I think right now we only have 7 that are six or seven or operational. We got three that are on the repair bench that he worked on, so give me an idea so I’m going back to the stage backdrop. What we’ve been talking about is doing doing a layered crescent moon drop, creating circles, which is something we haven’t done in our space with the with those panels, so creating layers of circles, and my thought is to do two to three panels. Why I need to throw it in cat and kind of look at it? I’ve also I almost always draw out what we’re doing and most the time I call it napkin. Can we write it down in the back of like a or whatever I can find honestly really typically looks incredibly ugly, Church Stage Backdrops because that’s going to save you tons of hours on the back end, whenever you’re trying to figure out how to make something work, orono this measurements, not working out so definitely draw doubt it’s going to help you a lot so I need to draw this out so where I would say, we’re still somewhat for sexual with that idea, but my plan is usually drawn out is that we would do three panels. Why would a full height of 20 so 6 by 20 sections of 6 foot by 20 foot, and maybe we throw in a couple of four sections here and there, but they would be varied and jeff, so some of them would be about 4 feet off of our black drape. Some of them would be closer to 6. Some of them would be probably closer to 2, so that variation and jeff is going to go to the whole nother and a whole nother feel that, Church Stage Backdrops with a very familiar pizza reviews, the martins crescent moon panels, probably a dozen times throughout the church, in the kids room or in the main room. So this will be a good way to use them again and a way that people haven’t really seen or been used to. So that will create another good visual. In addition to that will also add some some some filler pieces, one of those those things we talked about in the last episode, so those are going to be a custom-made pendant, we’re going to use a white fire rated fabric, a white silver and a gray, and we’re going to cut those into what looks like a centrally a box with a circle.

Coffee i. Do it and now give us a call, a little visual while playing off the visual, the pendants that are so so ubiquitous within the all the free stuff within the the carnival within the school thing ends with an all the different areas. So we’re going to play off of that visual cuz. It’s a pretty cheap and easy visual, the bell and we’re staying away from squares, because that’s very similar to like a family in prayer, buddhist prayer, prayer, cloths prayer chain for trying to create something a little bit more unique, something that doesn’t have a corporal tied to it. So, in addition to that, those elements will probably also take an atom element or two of these elements have figured out. But it would be a little bit forward of our actual stage. So maybe, like kind of like a lamp type of lamp type picture, Church Stage Backdrops probably not even that some sort of something don’t hang down and give us a little bit more and I may end up just being another drop of 2 foot by 4 foot wide by 20 foot wide crescent moons. Just to give us another dimension done like kind of a faux wings we’ve done a like a 10 ft by 10 ft drop on the edges of the stage to give a visual for when we have our camera shots from the they coming off. I’d like a right side. Over across the stage that way, we have a refill. Visual, the the camera shop, visual.

So that’s another option. We may end up exploring I’ll, probably make another podcast about it. We’ll we’ll chat through the specific to the drawing I’ll, put put some of the pictures in the show notes. So you have a visual of it and we’ll chat some more about how how we were able to build the stage drop within our budget within our our limitations. If you have a stage backdrop that you’re trying to build-and you need some help-let me know we would love to serve you and we love to help do our best to fit within your budget. We work with hundreds of churches, including life church of highland willow creek, lots of large corporations, nissan quest events, precision, dynamics and I would love to help good for you and do it within your budget day by the fact that we work with light furniture body’s largest churches. We have but there’s a lot of smaller churches that we say hey. We have no 700 bucks of work with come up with that, so I would love to figure out a good solution. For you shoot me an e-mail. My email is steven at martins., calm and Church Stage Backdrops Look forward to chatting with you soon and keep him we enjoyed you being here thanks. So much

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