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Welcome back to the martins podcast, this is stephen hawking about stage backdrops. You can hear all this noise we’re headed back from a set up at the ac hotel in downtown oklahoma city to set up a stage backdrop back there. Actually, we used a stage backdrop to change their lobby environment. They wanted to create a really high-class nice-looking environment, for the grand opening day are opening today, 17th july 17thso. We work within the company that owns the hotel, ac newcrest image for about a year now, and we help them with their trade, shows, help them with some other areas of what we’ve done has been bring attention to their brand. So they are a large hotel brand that they own i, believe it’s 28 hotel for 29, and so we help them visually stand out with their products. Just like in a stage backdrop are patterns, create a really cool visual work, the same in a trade show setting or a special event setting somewhere, where you’re really trying to communicate a really beautiful visual trying to make yourself stand out make that big impact tonight at their events, are going to have live. Music and really nice drinks and food andstop it off. They have our stage backdrop to be able to make a really nice impression. That impression is a big deal.

Church Stage Backdrops Cuz, we are all vips. The ceo of the company is going to be there. Multiple owners of multiple franchise hotels are going to be their staff from the marriott hotel brands will be there and, more importantly, for them their clients and specifically their clients with an oklahoma city area that are going to be using that hotel. A lot of those plans are oil-filled. I, don’t want to corporate offices. Down to sonic offices are down there a lot of financial andfinancial engineering companies that are in the downtown area, working with the oil industry and also with the natural resources beautiful state of oklahoma anyhow. So I would love to speak with you and talk to you about how we can help. You create an amazing atmosphere for your next event. What are special event, bar mitzvah will make it over the top of it shine. We have lots of different options, as you can probably see from our website. If you’ve been there, we have lots of different patterns to be built in want a different ways. Church Stage Backdrops Power is back drops, but even further than that, instead of just purchasing, if you have a one-time-use we’d, be happy to set you up with the rentalincluding the backdrop lighting. If you would like another part of the services we provide for our friends, the ac hotel here in over there is, we also provided stage lighting. We provided a bunch of hats, rgd amber, white uv, led pars, and that makes it shine even more so tonight, I’ll, let you know I’ll, let you know how it turns out. Well, I’m sure it’ll be incredible incredible again for them, as it has been in the past. So thanks again for tuning in the martins podcast excited to teach you some more about stage backdrops about a stage decor in about how we can serve you best, we’re really looking forward to serving you. Please give us a call should have an email. Let us know how we can do that that you can contact me personally for my email at steven at modz.Comsteven, at martins. Com, looking forward to serving you and creating an amazing atmosphere for you. Take care

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Welcome to another edition of the martins podcast, this is steven, hey I’m, so excited to talk to you today. I want to talk to you a little bit earlier to call woodland hills silver woodland hills are a small church about a hundred. Fifty in attendance on a given sunday are looking to create a better atmosphere in right. Now everything is painted white. They don’t really have much. Existing lighting have a few american dj led strips that they use to apply there well would be back drop. It would be a stage backdrop if there was anything there, so they have to ask to come in, along with our friends over at company de roth, to look at their lighting and a scenic to help them get an idea of how we can best help in injusticea place where to start where they can start start with serving their shirts better and the way of visual but I create a visual. It’s going to energize their congregation for the next 20 years, so help with her friends at ken and john over there. We work with them quite a bit. Church Stage Backdrops We’ve got some stage backdrop with him and they helped us with a couple of installs. It done some installs in illinois here, obviously no oklahoma and a couple other places texas just helping us to help churches, Church Stage Backdrops grill grate, guys really awesome man of god that are really pleasure to work with. So anyhow, our plan going into the into their room, was too to look at their whiting, which there was only a few lights up. Add some lighting just to show them what it could look like and then go through it and design a visual for that room so bright, putting anything in there. What are the estate’s backdrop or putting more lies or putting anything in anything, that’s going to reflect light.

Is there a flood by a ton because of that white? So so we we looked at the pictures available. We used some smaller american djs would typically wouldn’t use in a room like that, but since they’re so much white space for a painting, the entire room, we want to head up with the walls with some american dj led pars, which was amazing. We did at 10 down the sides and then we put in a sample of a stage backdrop for them to look at. We looked at specifically at the crescent moon backdrop is one of our more popular and honestly one of our least intrusive. It like it’s a how do I say this:it’s the most. It’s the easiest to swallow for a church that may have some some older congregation that are resistant to change. It’s a good way to visually. It’s a stepping stone to visually. It’s not too in-your-face, some of our other times like samurais, Church Stage Backdrops a little bit more intense, still beautiful and it take wife, there’s a lot more space to take white. So yeah anyhow, so we looked at. We looked at their space, they have some existing led strip lights. We use those existing led strip lights in the design to backlight the wall and then hung a stage backdrop in front of 18 by 24 by 24 stage backdrop, and in front of that we put another set of led lights.

Church Stage Backdrops What that did is that gave us some extra some extra dynamics between the two sets. So, in a you know, a nice blue where the stage could be like a what’s a a red, so that contrast is really important. I was making sure to share with them cuz. This is something very new to that. Never done whining before in their space. Really it’s normally just been lights. On lights off contrast is really important and stage lighting in especially in church lighting. When you work on the stage backdrop, it’s important pretty much in any space you’re trying to create with so contrast is country is what makes your bright bright. Your darks dark. Did you put together, put together like contrasting colors like a red nose, blue, it’s going to make that red looks a lot more vibrant blue, look a lot better and what this can do and worship environment is this tune, convey emotion, I can convey energy and and intensity. So that’s something we want to convey in their space. We wanted to convey that emotion and let people feel an intimate connection. We obviously we are not creating an intimate connection. You know that’s on that’s on the worship leader that they’re leading their congregation to that.

Church Stage Backdrops We are just a tool to help them get a couple inches closer, so we did that. We also created a couple of free-standing tower using our samurai panels. Again, that’s a little bit more busy panel at a lot more lines, curved line. That is what that does. Is that gives them another option so that you know couple years down the line honestly couple months down the line. They want to change a backdrop and they want to put the samurais the back backdrop and a tower. The crescent moon is at our. They can easily do that just by swapping a few things around hardware that way they have a lot of options and honestly they can. They serve their church. Well, be good stewards, the money that they’re spending industry invest in, invest it one using multiple times, we’re really big on doing that on making sure that are arc the congregation’s we work with a church as we work with, they can reuse their products over and over again, it’s a huge deal. I know that our product for a lot of people is a challenge to purchase a lot of churches and never spent money on his face design. We hope that we know that we created a solution. It’s really simple, really simple stage backdrops that can build over and over again be super useful, be something that you use a hundred times, not something like going to home depot buying lumber and it gets trash afterwards.

Of course, they expensive and all of our product comes from the fire rated a nature of it by rita. Plastics are almost impossible to get within the us. There I mean they are possible, but they’re very expensive, a lot of times they’re used in aircraft there used in in building hospitals, so they can be quite expensive. That’s where the main expense, as you can imagine, to come for a product. So that’s a little bit about what we did with the team over and over at oak hills they’re, really thrilled with what I saw and are excited to move forward and use in the future use some additional stage design stuff to create a really good atmosphere for them. If there’s any way, Church Stage Backdrops I can help, you create a great atmosphere. I would really love to. Please feel free to call us shoot us an email. My email is steven at martins. Com, even if that email is to suggest something for the podcast new stage, backdrop design or stage backdrops design. However many you want us to just be happy to help happy great, some great stuff with you I’m, looking forward to serving you and I’m looking forward to taking care of you. Thank you so much

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