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Welcome to my teeth podcast, this is stephen and I’m thrilled to be chatting with you today about backdrops stage backdrops today, I’m going to talk a little bit specifically about hard backdrop, so require physical building on site, I’ll even share a great story of one of one of my first time, working with a hard set. Another word todid backdrops, oh here we go hard backdrop so good together. Church Stage Backdrops These are materials built together to be a self-standing, singular unit which is great. If you’re looking for a very specific trying to make something very, very custom, something that has an exact branding to match what you’re doing. But there a lot of challenges with you. You’re, going to be looking at a large labor force to assemble it and load it in your also going to look at it suspended trucking cost. Many many hearts can take outboards a 53-foot truck transport. So obviously, that’s a lot of space, so example for for an event, so typically I’m going to have some sort of either pipe and drape in the back is locally or a tall ship with with the weather going to have an upstage trust loan for back lighting purposes or screen door or the like. In from those places, you can usually I’m on team drop. So what are the approaching product or are either works really well hanging from pipe and drape or trust, or even your wall tracks whenever you’re looking at probably shipping a total of shipping, a six boxes total of those six boxes, two of them are small and one of them smaller boxes.

So you got five boxes:full house worth of material 26in by 26in by 35 and 6:40, probably a 24-foot truck 26-foot truck with some items. Start it’s going to require extra tools to assemble. It run hard set hard stage. Backdrop is going to need to have experienced carpenter who can go through and make adjustments as needed, who can fix anything damaged in shipping? I want to hear things about our products to sensation, ship in the heavy-duty, cardboard boxes and wrote aces those really not an issue for us when it comes to buy shipping almost 9.9% of time they arrive in good shape. So, let’s, Church Stage Backdrops, let’s talk about a few as if you’ve ever read about a section of our website, you probably seen kind of how I got into doing stage backdrops how I got into the stage backdrop:lifestyle lifestyle, so one of my early jobs was really great, really great guy and we experienced a really crazy mind you. It was a show we subcontracted for and I think was the first and last time we ever subcontractor for this client to set up video and audio and lighting in this room, hearts that came in a 53-foot truck so large, large wooden panels, with with a full paint facades, trim and seeing a really nice work and engraving work on it, and some really great stuff finished colonial work for a financial client. They wanted a really like prestigious look, so that’s it was screen, surround verticals had lower sections, all of which were obviously but also had to be finished. So the company forgot to send half the set.

They sent. Two halves of two different sets, so I just was in the miami area. We hired a if we didn’t the company doing this higher day, hired at a local carpenter like a house, carpenter handyman and he came out day of the day before show and rebuilt the pretty much the entire thing called, but they also forgot to send set jacks or sand bags. So they’re, 16, 16, foot, vertical parts at walls that had to be angry and everything was falling from genies and I got lighting was one from genies and soft and trust hours. So it wasn’t a safe thing to put a large windsail, essentially onto a genie tower, especially with delsym set drops out of some spare two by fours and blair. Okay, Church Stage Backdrops now we need some weight, so they didn’t send wait. So he ended up finding road cases that were backstage the sandbag cases for and screw directly through the two-by-four into the cable caddy cadillac style. Quesadilla. Have you have a case, so we held up to the stage backdrop with a with a giant case full of sand bag with the decking screws into the case and I have been with, for 5 cases are at the at the end. So that’s why you should that’s why you should rent or buy mods that you don’t have some crazy guy putting screw holes. So again, thanks for joining the mods thanks for enjoying and listening to our marketing podcast still use those.

Church Stage Backdrops It’s it’s a lot less now, but it’s it’s very inefficient system. So that’s part of why we created and continue to improve my team so that we can provide a better product for you, a better product that serves your company, serves your church and just create great stage backdrops for you. So thank you for letting me chat with you. If you have any questions, shoot me an e-mail. My email is steven at mod scenes.Com and I’m, looking forward to creating a great stage backdrop for you and take care

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Welcome back to the mountains podcast card to serve you. Well, my primary function at design. Wonderful sense that you weren’t over all do whatever I can to serve you best. So today, I want to talk a little bit about one of the new products for working on that say it’s a frosted plexiglass type panel, so this painting was going to be super cool. Church Stage Backdrops It’s going to give us the ability to layer panels behind other funeral so. Currently we have lots of different lots of different patterned panels, available standard and stockingblue pretty much any color you can think of. We can either get it in a stock color or printed directly onto the onto the to the color so directly onto the color. In addition to that, we’re going to have this new panel will sit behind andrea frosted plexi.

So it’s really great, so it’ll give us the the visual that we can up light. You know I can stop light in a tower. For example, my power can glow and give us a surface to paint behind our pattern, which is going to be a really great visual. It’s also going to allow us to put mods into more places say you have a backdrop that you’re trying to fill, but you don’t want to see. What’s behind it, we can put this frosted plexiglass panel here behind your typical pattern. That way it blocks out the area, but you can still, you know, see white through it if ittranslucent, so that way, I can come through it, so it won’t be. It won’t be transparent, Church Stage Backdrops so won’t be. It won’t be see-through, but it’ll be translucent as the pvc pvc promises are proteins products, let’s lay out the way it’s going to work is velveeta. Church Stage Backdrops, dia, affordable housing for dimensions is archetypical panels, so you can use it with a stage backdrop. You could either use this behind pattern, town or in place of a bottom seat in an intermittent intermingle who’s going to be really great. Using this with our canvas to create a wall, she have. Some areas that are you will have anderson at will have a choral version to use our core flash versions of vermont and products at the lighter weight, easier cut on side easier to work with on site when you build a stage backdrop easier work on site, but more economical in a lot of cases for churches of the big draw for a lot of churches. On our side we have we have a product which is a really great thanksgiving, looking to get a product to clean, cut and shape your your plastic really great.

Church Stage Backdrops They will also have a core plus version, but instead of it being out of a frosted plexiglass, it will be out of a frosted ldpe plastic, which is like a light. Light density, poly, urethane, plastic, so same concept, but a little less rigid. So it’s going to be it’s going to have to be, but still should be good. I hope this is a. This is a good solution for some of your upcoming events. I know that, for me, I’ve been asked what kind, Church Stage Backdrops how to create a visual of a tower that skin, with our patterns, sudden he’s going to be a really good option to do that. I would love to hear any thoughts on how we can create some new products that would serve you. Well, let me know, shoot me an email if steven martinez., com I’d love to create a great backdrop for you create something that serves you incredibly well, thank you for tuning in dar podcast again, if you haven’t heard of any of our other podcast check them out, we got a lot of different podcast, ranging from different designs. We done to chat our staff. We just did one with my wife sarah and if I’m, if I’m, a good good sales person named roy. However, he is not a. He does not do recordings, or is that his next level awesome so and then.

In addition, we also do new products and we’re doing a new product showcase it. On the podcast case, some of our design, design, design lighting around are sad. How we, how we lead within our team at a time I’m, pretty passionate about, is creating a team that serves while and loves. Well, so I just recently did a podcast about that. So, if you need to learn a little bit about a little bit about us a little bit about what we do and how we work hard to serve, you well, as I said no at one of our last podcast. Our attention to detail communicates our intent and, if you’ve ever seen, are products or purchase products or even got a quote from us. Church Stage Backdrops You see that we have a high level of attention to detail, because we want to show our intention of taking great care of you up, showing showing you how how we can serve you well, so I’m, looking forward to chatting with you again about stage backdrops, creating a great stage backdrop from your church of corporate event, and we will chat soon thanks so much for

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