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Welcome again to the mod team podcast, this is stephen and I’m thrilled to talk to you today about about products and about how we can serve you best for a company mod see where a family-owned company, as you probably have known from our other podcasts on our website. Com. There is a lot of information about who we are, what we do and how we do it. We do. Our podcast is to share you know to share with you about our company in about how we create what we create and specifically about the things that we do with stage design stage, backdrops, creating a stage backdrop and fulfillment and how we how we surf you sometimes, as you can. Probably. As you probably know, most businesses can advertise through google if it’s a great way to advertise help. People find your company, but there are other ways to be found on google amor website, Church Stage Backdrops the more sex, the more the more visible you’re at your company is your website where that is so. If you have nine hundred articles about dog toenails and your dog toenail company, you’re going to be like rocking, so we are obviously not a dog toenail company. We are a company that I talk a lot specifically about a stage backdrop or stage backdrops.

Those particular keywords are keywords:people search for in google and, although it is relevant when I say it a lot of times, I say it 2 or 3 times just to be completely honest because the more times I say stage backdrop for stage backdrops the more times we get seen on google and the reason I do. That is because what we do is super important to me. I want us to be with the most visible in the entire industry, on on pretty much any platform for one reason, because I want to be able to serve our clients well to serve the church. Well, I am one of the best way to do. That is to be visible, to be able to sell and be able to sell a product and give our product to others. Church Stage Backdrops That’s why we help pull up push to continue to do it in more diligentlythat being said, I’m thrilled to be able to to talk to you today about about some of the stuff and some of the ways that we share with what we do so in addition to sharing our products and visuals on google on a pretty regular basis. Church Stage Backdrops We encourage our differences. We serve to share our hair designs on website called church stage, design, ideas., com, so church stage. Design ideas is ran by really cool gentleman and out of san antonio and make some really great books. He has a new one coming out pretty soon.

So if you had a chance, stop by his amazon store and order, one of those pretty incredible, I haven’t read the book yet, but I know it’s going to be. Amazing. I’ve got mine on pre-order and I’m, going to be ordering a couple more for a couple friends pretty soon so yeah, but the website blog websiteswod slash, the plug is probably the best, but essentially what he does share. How they built sets how they managed to create really good visuals within their budget, and we’ve been featured on there, probably about a half a dozen times and me personally, working through my various designs at churches and youth conferences and whatnot I’ve been featured another probably 20 times on there. So if you’re looking for a really cool, how to do it yourself, videos on stage backdrops check out there, there’s some really cool videos, but articles on how to make a backdrop, and then there’s also some really good visuals of pre-made stuff that people people have made it so that you have ideas to create your next stage design. As always, Church Stage Backdrops if you have any ideas and you’re not really sure how to help with how to make them happen, let us know shoot me. An email and I’ll be happy to create a solution for you help you find a solution to figurines. Well, for your budget that you are your specific parameters, whether that be you have to have it set up in a certain amount of time to help you create that it is a really cool website that has lots of photos.

Ideas on there. We have a bunch of them around, have like thousands of reed. Repent. So that’s really cool part of how we do that is, is by well honestly going through there in like spending way too much time on the following. In addition to that, we also obviously have it on google, as I mentioned earlier, but specifically on google images google images with our web site is indexed so with it being an index website the more times a lot seems comes off on we therbee, on on her website or on our also, since facebook is an index website as well. So this is based on information I’ve learned from from others who were much much smarter than me. So if the information is incorrect, feel free to, let me know, i, don’t think it is. We also we make it to about 15 to 20 trade shows year to share our product, to show our product and to connect with people in person. Let them feel the product and have a good idea of how the product works. That’s one of our big are big goals is to to serve the church through actually physically touching I’m. One of those people like Church Stage Backdrops, don’t want to like i, don’t want to just say what I want like I want to make sure it’s what I’m paying for it correct. So it’s pretty sure we can try to hit as many of the ones as possible. This year will be at aldi.

I will be at wfx will be at the special event show in anaheim call conference. The west conference is that one’s in anaheim know, and also one of our favorites salt nashville, which is amazing conference for visual leaders in the church, specifically states design, design, graphic design web design. A pretty much anything that’s jesus base design is is what they specialize in sew. Really great people really thrilled to help them out to be part of part of their for one of their key sponsor, so Church Stage Backdrops where we really felt thrilled to do that, and it sounds crazy, but we do people who we purchase frog from because we’re trying to create more business, but because we think we really created a product to serve the church. Well, we won’t be able to service maine churches, so I would have used before there’s no about it. Let him know hey. This is a good product serve. You well take care of yourself. That is all I have for today’s episode of them. I’d love to talk with you, even if it’s just to catch up and get coffee, while you’re in norman I’d be happy to meet up with. You spend a couple minutes in an hour half hour chatting about church trying about stage of science and visuals and I’d love to I’d love to connect with you. So much

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