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Welcome to the machine, podcast I’m thrilled to be back with you again today about about sweet backdrops and the way that we serve within within our company and supposedly within my family. So I am blessed to be the father of two wonderful little boys declan, who is about 8 weeks old and dorian, who is sevyn, are almost 7 I should say so. I want to I want to chat a little bit to me this morning. I am I quiet time. He communicate the importance for encouraging others. So I know this is a podcast about stage backdrops and green, a great stage backdrop for your space and that we really typically talk more about scenic for churches or corporate events. Church Stage Backdrops I felt like this was something importantshare with everyone. So here we go so specifically this morning, but this morning I mean very early. This morning. Mr. Declan was having a hard time in time for him to eat about 2:30 this morning, and both me and sarah had a very tiring couple of months, so sarah and her dad and her great. What’s the word calledniceness? That’s not the word, but that’s the word. That’s coming to mind to and her great generosity there we go. Generosity decided that tonight last night she would get up and take care of a duckling and he had a really bad night.

Unfortunately, poor guy was really tired and lots of gas and lots of bubbles and moving around, and so she got up with him, but I created for a really hard morning. She’s been really tired and really just having a difficult morning, I’m actually having to work on. So very little sleepso god this morning communicated to me that I need to encourage her a couple of friends at our local church, so I did that and what i, what I found in that process is. That is a that’s on that god called me to do and I realize he’s called all of us to do it to to encourage those that are having a hard time. So I want to encourage you if you’re having a hard time god. Doesn’t it doesn’t god doesn’t want you to be perfect. He doesn’t want you to you to have everything exactly how it how how you wanted. He wants your obedience, Church Stage Backdrops tell anton and I’m trying to get to to spiritually deep in this. This is really a podcast about stage design and stage backdrops and whatnot, but I was important to share sell-out. Jacqueline wants to share also that he likes be encouraged.

Can you tell everybody hi? He is encouraging to pick up about a little bit about the scripture I read this morning, specifically from proverbs 21, so I’ve been going through the book of proverbs and has a business leader and as a a do or somebody who’s. Somebody who is constantly trying to get things done. Proverbs been a really great book for me to read:it’s been a really encouraging and I open a share a little bit from proverbs, a specific verse that has been really I thought it’s been really great. So in proverbs 21:30 it says proverbs, 21, 29 3:30. So the wicked put up a bold front, but the upright give thought to their ways. There’s no wisdom. Church Stage Backdrops No inside no plan that can can that can succeed against the lord. So with that with everything we do weather be creating a stage backdrop for serving at church or corporate client or creating lots of stage backdrops, whatever the lord at once. We are going to work with him and not against him. So so that’s a that’s! That’s a there’s! Actually one other one other piece I want to read:where is it at?

This was a piece is also really good that I that I thought was pretty incredible, says one who is wise can go up against the city of the mighty and pull down the stronghold in which they trust. So that’s a proverbs 21 22. So that’s specifically, you know I’m not the best in the world. It really anyting. God has gifted me with a lot of skill and lighting and scenic design, but I’m not the best. It like I’m, not the best at anything but through him at 3, and we can go up against anything and he will as long as we are. We are following his his commands and in searching out hit at his well tell help us to succeed and to to continue to to grow and to be able to show others love through what we do. The next one, I promise we’ll be more about stage backdrops, but thank you for listening and and hearing me out, I’m I’m thrilled that we get to serve so well within the church. Church Stage Backdrops.

Do we get to see her people make it to take care of people and I’m I’m, looking forward to serving you with your next stage backdrop or stage backdrops for corporate events or whatever it is that that I can help you with visually I’m thrilled to do so. Let me know shit shoot me. An email at stephen at martins.Com, tell me how I can serve you with your neck stage backdrop how I can help you create something that works really well with your room with great lighting, with great emphasis on what your church or your corporate meeting is doing. I’m, looking forward to serving you looking forward to taking care of you and looking forward to honoring god through my service directly to you, so thanks again for joining us, this is episode. 51 woohoo. Do you want to know more about a company i? You can see more on our about a page at martins., com Church Stage Backdrops about us or the straight on the motzing site at martins. Com, thanks again for tuning in and we’ll chat soon,

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