Church Stage Backdrops | Laying It All Out

Welcome to episode 31 of the martins podcast, a podcast about stage backdrops using a stage backdrop and awesome, because you know the cool people nazis, so I have a lot of my own joe cuz. There’s nobody else here. Recording this podcast. Seriously, Church Stage Backdrops though, are you continue with our products and how we go above and beyond what we do. Our goal is to our goal is to serve you well his to be servant, leaders to those who we serve food, you a customer if you haven’t, even if we along those lines, I want to speak in a little bit today about how we go above and beyond how we serve our client. Well, how we create backdrops that create a lastingdepression in more than that about how we use our aptitude for service to make a backdrop product that the people love to use the people want to come back and use it. So I would love for you to check out our reviews on google or even on facebook and i.

Think you’ll see there a lot of really good people, reputable people in the church, design, industry and the event industry, who’ve, seen tina products, use our products and experience our customer service and come back if only for his, not only for the other products, but also for the service. The service is incredible. So that’s what that’s what we make a as a priority around our shop. So here we go a little bit about how we, how we Church Stage Backdrops deliverwe, keep a large socket products so that at any point, if you need something last minute, if you need some calculation on your mouth or available and ready to ship that way, even if we get an order as late as 4 in the day, we can fulfill it and make sure to get your product as quick as possibleone of the other. Great things is woodson for allocated centrally located in norman oklahoma us to ship via ground shipping to about 70% of the country in 2 days, the majority of the rest of company or the country. We can send you in 3 days, be a ground shipping and then, in addition to that, it’s it’s very frustrating to be able to to be to order something. So thank everything, I need and get to the point where, if you’re in a bind cuz you don’t have you know something didn’t work or you you know you’re one or two short or we didn’t have enough of you know apart to put it together, we’re not going to be like ikea. We don’t.

We don’t short, you a couple bolts to go to your to build your stage backdrop, and we always make sure that there are at least 15 to 20% extra bolts many times more than that, there’s always at least an extra panel or two. We always have extra connectors. You have everything you need and we make sure to serve you well again. That’s our goal. We want to be able to serve. You well, create a backdrop. That’s amazing. You know all of our stuff in a box made of double wall, 375 lb cardboard, so these boxes are made to be to be indestructible. Pretty much so we ship a lot of stuff through here free and a lot of stuff through fedex, and so we know how a brutal both of them can be on our boxes. So we designed our boxes in with the concept in mind that we could throw a box from the top from a second-story and it laying in the product still be good. So that is how our boxer builder pretty incredible. They are cardboard, but there is a all. Edges are protected by at least four layers of cardboard. The top and bottom is protected by 2 and the corners the corner at are protected by 8, which is that’s typically, where you’re going to see the most damage in a something like that, so that’s another way that we serve really well. In addition, we do free consulting, free drawings and free estimation on any of the any of the products we use. It doesn’t make sense for you to try and use a problem Church Stage Backdrops.

You don’t understand how it works. So we’re happy to give you a drawing and show you how it works. How Church Stage Backdrops will look and even help you talk through and figure out, the best way to use our product and the best product for what you need? So if you have a question about something along those lines, if you need a quote for an estimate, if you need to figure out what do I need for my stage backdrop, what do I need for my back drops? If you are you doing multiple campuses through solutions, so you can see exactly how it would look in your space and then a quote to a company that so you know exactly what the plan for further than that, we have the financing to start to immediately do a an order. So we have we have options and we we do a couple of different things. You can either purchase products directly, but I like you can purchase products and we do discounts based on for churches that they qualify. How was your most hurt and we also do we also do financing. So if you need hey, we need to split up our order over 3 months, 6 months, Church Stage Backdrops we’re happy to set that up for you, so that you can extend out your your your set payments to just have your client to serve you well to be able to stay within budget. That’s obviously very important for us to be good stewards and that’s one of the ways that we can help. You be a good steward and we do the same thing even for our corporate clients.

If a lot of my former client when they’re looking for a large side, you know it could be upwards of $10,000. So if you’re needing something and you wanting to kind of spread that cost out over a longer. We be happy to set up financing to make that a good, feasible option for you say, drop drop about how we go over and above again, I would love for you to check out our google reviews, I’m going to spell it out. It’s b, I t l y / mod scenes. So that’s a Church Stage Backdrops motzing that’ll be a direct link to our google reviews. What other people thought on? How we serve other people amazingly mean our goal is to be is to be incredibly incredibly generous and kind and discern in a way that is, it helps the church serve the people of this country at this world, so I look forward to serving you and I’m thrilled to be able to teach you a little bit about us. Let me know how I can help you buy me. Emailing me at steven, at martins., com

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