Church Stage Backdrops | Layers and layers

Welcome back to another episode of the podcast, absolutely love about a decorating. A seed from a beautiful dinner is a little bit of a little bit so I specifically talk aboutstage design, I have probably done somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 i. Don’t think! That’s too big of an exaggeration. Obviously some of those have been smaller, but we vote for a good chunk of time, while I was working at northland at least two stage that’s a week, but with a lot of those, it would take a full a full day, I think our longest stage that were spread out, over. Are. We set everything up in stages, pre rigging, trusses and see and layering layering things and taking it away. Church Stage Backdrops we got closer and closer to you, then. So what are the things I really found in my time learning how to do stage design how to design backdrops how to design a really like a singular backdrop for a church? Is it it’s a lot of time? I. Remember is very very vividly. One of our one of our first drops are backdrops that we made at northland was the cigarettes and it was a bunch of pvc pipe 1 inch. Pvc pipes, solid 30 hours, pay the ugly. We tried some other stuff try to set aside a horrible try to acetone and paint thinner in a couple of things, and nothing really but remember that wants to go outside because the amount of time that it took to do it. We probably spent 20 to 30 hours, total painting.

All of those all of those pipes in one of the things is, although it’s not, it’s obviously not hard. We, we were limited cuz, not a lot of people for either a willing to paint or what it made a little bit difficult for me for that fast forward. 7 years now, I believe we’re building so with the maltese cross week. If you using any of our standard coroplast products any of the stupid, because you’re going to be able to build a minute. For me, an idea, 6200 panels was pretty typical for most churches. Church Stage Backdrops You know we’re probably looking under $142. So with that amount of that amount of pianos you’re, looking at between 1 and 2 hours of set of time, assuming that you do, you only have one person, but if you can go through and you can spread it out, and it’s also assuming that you can list everything with motors and what not, if you have multiple, multiple people, what we really love to do would work out really well, as we would put our new building the mod seen set while our volunteer as we’re going and then more volunteers would help with the light and trying to get stuff laid out. Get our basic basic lighting layout laid out while or newer volunteers are starting to start to build the mod seeds, and once we got to a good point with a funeral, everyone would kind of look break into groups wear if you wanted to keep one or two experience, people with one or two people who had infinite experience and they were kind of go over what had been laid out as far as how they were starting to wire it, and then they wire together and it worked out phenomenally and Church Stage Backdrops using our product to work really well within your team. So when we created a backdrop with the the maltese products, we were able to do it.

Then you know a very short amount of time, I’m in it for panel, in most cases, maybe a little bit different if you’re doing it all from a lift, but for a grant, if you know comparative lee and if you’re looking at a building and manufacturing and faces on an in-house, you know whether be pallet, styrofoam or whatever a product you’re using to create you’re going to. You know you’re going to be looking at measuring your time in hours with not days, whereas, Church Stage Backdrops if you’re doing it, you know what the mods, whose product is going to be a great easy hey. This is going to take 2 hours as opposed to 12 hours, so I’m very happy with it. Having used in having known how much time I spent the past on other states and still being able to come out there really really good product to the end. Also, it’s super simple. We actually shot a video today how to deal with a couple of friends who never use the product before to try and get there. There is put on how to best use the product like how to fasten how to use the product since I’ve never had it before it’s a very simple process within 3 minutes, I thought I taught everyone in the room how to feel the same side as stage backdrop for their particular. We did in the video studio, but you know if you’re, using in your church, your church or, if you’re, using it and it’s easy to build, so you don’t have to go through and have a lot of overly complex, brain aneurysm.

Requires Church Stage Backdrops It’s really simple and even further we created a line is created to help with work to be at school, for corporate events for special events for galas those type of things where they need a little work. That needs to be a little bit more polished, going to be closer to people or, if it’s more of a touring situation where there would be close enough. Close proximity but abusive, abusive touring relationship where everything gets thrown in the case of the end of the night and in those cases of great things about that is we use a captive hardware system with it by doing that, we save about 60% of time, so it’s closer to his closer to 2237 gable to build a how to build a tower with the captive hardware than it is with the quick.

But it’s much quicker to do the captive hardware. In addition to that, we’ve also got Church Stage Backdrops

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