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Welcome back to another episode of the mod seeds, podcast I’m, really thrilled to chat with you today. I want to chat with you a little bit different than our normal backdrop. Discussion I want to chat with you about our dmx hoist, so we have a good voice that we use reviews them for some of the largest churches in the country for at we did a christmas. Last year at willow, creek, north shore, we’ve also serve life. Church, with the with with rdms voice. Church Stage Backdrops We have multiple attachments for army men, toysled, warms and led to school and we’re working on developing a pixel map of all led to which should be pretty sweet. Once we get finished, so we got six they’re really awesome units. We have a 28-foot travel on their line. That’s from the from the all the way down to the down to the attachment point for the the luminaire, whether that be the orb or the thethat. He was the war before the tube. So, although there’s not really any good in the church, there is a company out of europe called kinetic lights. They do. They do kinetic voice.

So similar product, the led luminaire, is moves up and down on a dmx, controlled apparatus. The biggest difference, though, is there is a minimum minimum rental on all of their rentals i. Believe it’s 10 units is the minimum you can rent. If we don’t have that you can, if you only need to, you only went to. They also have a lot different pricing structure, their price fortheir price for use in corporate theater. So the pricing is pretty high. Obviously it being a new technology. It is, it is a. Church Stage Backdrops It is not a cheap super cheap product, but it is a. It is definitely visually visual incredible. So so the cool thing about how about these voice is, you can use them as a backdrop, so you can lay out using the height adjustment on the dms voice. You can use your luminaires as a backdrop or you can use on the more than three to twoas a 3d moving light. I guess maybe the best way to describe it. So the way it works is there’s a t, much controlled when should the top and a in that wind is a kevlar coated electrical line. Church Stage Backdrops

That Church Stage Backdrops electrical line comes down to a point of the very bottom that has the where the kevlar next to a carabiner carabiner connects to the luminaire and then the the wires inside that kevlar and that to the luminaire weather, be at uber and warm. So those those leds are able to be control, theater console. So you can also control your movement and your movement speed as well. So you can get really really amazing wave type of facts. Random movement affects you, can see some of some of the videos on her website to be goadd to mod.Com voice. You can see him there or i, just navigate to rgms voice product in the shop to monty’s., com, / shop and then click on voice. You know so see you there or in the top navigation, on the right hand side of the how to get there. But what you’ll see is a really incredible video who shot at life church, where we did a music video for music video for coldplay song for one of their series and was really really cool thing that we did where the boys were moving up and down pretty funny story for that, so that that was close to easter back in 2017 I was assisting or the team at journey church. Tv with stop. In dallas we were returning some rental gear 2 a2 to a client down there to do down in dallas pa for are good friday services, and we will return again, ann arbor terminal, I’m driving down. There got a call from the are good friends over at life and they’re. Church Stage Backdrops Like hey. We have a great we love to serve.

You could you so we once we get dropped off our dear. We drove drove straight through from dallas back to oklahoma, city picked up in front all the gear and got it to them by here that night we installed it up until about 2 or 3 a.M. Of the leaf. Once we are finished installing that they had about 2 hours to program after programming, went directly into rehearsals and then into the video shoot. So that’s one example of how we try to go above and beyond. I don’t know a lot of people who would have would have changed their entire schedule in order to serve a client like that, specifically after a 90 hour week, so over and above what anybody else was so I would love to have the opportunity to speak with you about your backdrop, your need for kinetic lighting or a dmx voice, and how we can serve. You really incredibly well I’m thrilled to be able to help you so shoot me an e-mail. Let me know how I can serve you best. My email is steven at monty’s., com I’m, looking forward to serving you and taken taken great care of thanks. So much Church Stage Backdrops

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Welcome back to the martins podcast, this is steven I’m, the owner and creator of mazzi’s backdrops for corporate events, really anything that is a visual element or within a church or special. Then that’s. What we specialize in our subjects, pertaining to stage backdrops, like will take, for example, will go through and talk about the specific of a backdrop we’ve used in a previous at talk about a backdrop idea that we have or how we work with different backdropsor, how I say, for example, we how we correctly light a backdrop, or we set up a backdrop in a particular manner to meet a specific goal, whether that be to create a specific feel or a specific time that line so today, I would like to talk a little bit about how we maximize the visual death within our backdropsas. You can probably tell from our website a lot of our pictures on a website. We have a mixture of panels that are both dimensional and less dimensional or flat patterns, for example like the crescent moon with a samurai panels. Church Stage Backdrops

Those are there not dimensional by character, however, some good some. Why setup and some good lighting? You can really get some amazing dimension with those. So one thing I really love to do with the gray two layers. You don’t have to do this for a full backdrop, but you can do it for like section or segments of either a backdrop or make columns behind a backdrop really really good way to trade more deaths. In more contrast with in your stage design sofor example. If we’re, if we’re trying to get more death with a crescent moon stage, design typically only thing that about 4 ft tv off the back curtain. So if there’s a black curtain behind behind the stage all up at the hino put some up lights on the black or white or really any color, that’s back there. I always so I can get a closing colors between that and the mod seems backdrop up lights on the maltese backdrop, as well contrast is contrast, communicates emotion and if you can communicate emotionintimacy intimacy, sorry, I ain’t going to work. Church Stage Backdrops Ramona strive to do so.

Another way that we can create dimension is by offsetting rose, so making two separate mods, backdrops lighting them back and get rather brother that rather expensive whenever you’re doing multiple backdrops, essentially doubling the cost. Your back rub by doing two different rose to build a column about a foot off of the back drop off of your your curtain, build another one, another one of the four foot over, but this time 2 or 3. Instead, the next one you like one foot by 4 foot-and it’s going to do like you a lot of depth of the great thing is:you can use that to your advantage of placing your movie lights or your other lighting fixtures. You can get some better angles by shipping those around shooting around those around the elements. Church Stage Backdrops Also, another way you can get more dimension is through proofreading photo hours. So we talked about this a little bit of podcast. Simply what you can do is put power brackets on a corner of a column, so that makes like a 90 degree angle and then, instead of actually build it into a full power, you build it into a two-sided bean and then at the top of that 70 you attach it to your ceiling and hang. .

Hang it more like a backdrop, and then obviously you can use this by alternating. You can alternate the direction of the so you can. Either have to be coming towards or away from some from you. So that gives you another another visual option. In addition to those things, you can also freeze death by layering panels. For example, if you layer that you get a really cool like double oval look and you can you can even layer within different panel types, for example, you can put a canvas panel behind. How do you say, I have a basic that that’s going to show up different than to eat, then the pattern on the front side. Another thing where you could do that is you could do we can custom handles in black or flop? You could do a black or flat panel behind branches with a white winter branches on the front. Church Stage Backdrops Would look really incredible going to have that huge contrast between the two of you can be a lot different than to just do in like a shooting white on it. In addition to that, another way you can create that is by a bye instead of hanging your backdrop flat, you can create a subtle curve or a subtle angle. To the backdrop you can do this just by making sure your ties are on to a pipe that is either curved or angle. The the flexible nature of the motzing products make them so that you can actually send them, send them around around areas which makes it really cool that you can create some more dimensional pieces. Without really without you know, hurting your panels and without any additional hardware. You just have to use a little bit of extra time, trying it out there putting it together, making sure that the car works out well across the full background density of death within your steven at martins. Com us on our website at martin.Com contact us got a lot of really great sets. There were a lot of really great stage designs. Do we would love to share with you

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