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When you are looking for Church Stage Backdrops, the best choice is mod scenes. We have a number of products. We have products that are completely customizable, or you can just take a look at our ready-made products to get them quickly. We have a number of amazing panels that you can use not only for stages but you can also use them anywhere in your church. Our panels can be used practically anywhere. They are durable so you can put them in high traffic areas. We also have a number of projection products. so, if you are looking for something cool to do with your projector and you are tired of your old one, just give us a call or check out our website. you can look at any of our Creations on our Creations to have on our website to see what we are talking about. We have projection products that can fill the whole length of your stage, so your church will look unique to fit your standards.

We know that Church Stage Backdrops can be difficult to choose when there are so many, that’s why I make the process easy for you. your experience will be so easy when you talk to us. We have the easiest and most simple process that you can think of. we will make sure that everything is done for you. All you have to do is let us know. we will have consultations with you where you have to do no work except let us know what you need. and in the end, all you have to do is set it up. We also make the setup process so easy.

We include set up instructions with all of our products. We also have a phone number open if you want to give us a call or have any questions. I want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your experience. That is what we do best. so, if you have any questions, or you are confused about anything, we want to make sure you get that taken care of.

make sure you give us a call at 530-723-6421 any questions you might have. If you want to get started, go ahead and visit our website at

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If you are the highest rated Church Stage Backdrops, you have to come to mod scenes. mod scenes is the highest rated stage of design company in the USA just take a look at our testimony page and you’ll be able to see why. our products are the highest quality possible. You can also look on Google and see that we have a 97% 5 out of five star rating. That is not easy to do. and we do not get that rating for nothing. We make sure that you have the highest quality experience and that you get everything you need.

When you are looking for Church Stage Backdrops, come to us and we will make sure you are not disappointed with your purchase. Sage design could be expensive, so you want to get your money’s worth. You also want to make sure you do not buy the wrong product for your church. every church is different, and not every product will work in every church. We have products for any church, but if you cannot find one you want, we can also do a custom design just for you. We like to make our design simple, and beautiful so they will be able to be versatile for any church. We have amazing Scenic products that will create an atmosphere of worship for your church.

We have so many professionals that help create our Church Stage Backdrops. i want to make sure our team is the best that you get the best quality possible. We have a number of amazing designers and engineers so that anything you want us to create, we will be able to create it quickly and efficiently. We also make sure that our products are durable, so you can put them in high traffic areas of your church and they will stand up to time.

We also have rental products if you do not have the budget to purchase an entire stage design set for yourself. want to make sure we accommodate every budget, and many churches do not have a big budget for stage design and we understand that. We help big churches, we also help small churches a lot too. so, if you have a special event where you need a fancy stage design for just a few days, we have rentals available for you. We have a contract that is easy to understand and that you will understand all of the ins and outs of the rental process. Our Rental process is super easy. All you need to do is set up and take down. we will do the rest. We also have easy set up instructions so that any volunteer or intern will be able to set it up by themselves.

if you have any questions before, during, or after your purchase. including setup questions, just give us a call at 530-723-6421. or if you want to go ahead and check out our website to see our products and learn more about us, you can check out our website at