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Hello welcome to the martins podcast. This is steven hall. Your host and I am thrilled to be chatting with you today about church stage design, some of the best places to find the best church stage designs, the best stage backdrop designs in the best resources for the church and using using and creating great, so I’m, obviously not I’m, not blind to the fact. There’s a lot that there’s some goodthere’s at least a few very good options for stage design as far as options for resources, especially if you’re looking to create a do-it-yourself method of stage backdrop. So the first I want to start with at well. I think is the best the best option for stage backdrops.

Church Stage Backdrops So obviously I had you probably know from our other podcasts in from our website, we’re thrilled to be able to serve you well to great great stage backdrops, to create great church stage designs for our clients, which include life, church, church of the highlands and hundreds of other churches across the country and even internationally. So we have a lot of stock products on our website. That are easy. They may not know is that, although we do have a basic pricing structure like any other business, we also make a very big point of going through and serving our clients regardless of their budget. So if you have, if you have a hard time with your budget, create hitting a specific mark, let us know we’d be happy to help work within your budget and it’s creative stage design that works perfect. For you, the stage backdrop that serves you well with our product. We also develop custom rom. So if you need a, if you need a custom product, something specific that will fit the the field, the emotion, the elements within your room, I’d love to help, you create a stir, a church stage, design that works great for you there’s other options, other great resources for building a church stage design. One of those options is church stage, design, ideas.Com, church stage, design, ideas. Cam. You can see a ton of different time.

Different stage designs for the church does church stage designs range from super, complex, featuring video walls, led moving lights, led, pixel, paid scenic elements like ours. Custom elements made out of air filters to pallet wood ideas on there. A lot of our products are on there, but also a lot of ideas it did. Our team has helped to create their do it yourself items that can help you fit hit a really really really small gold if you have the time and resources, but it pours. A lot of them are obviously going to take multiple days or, if not weeks, to build. But if you have that time-and you have those those men, Church Stage Backdrops our resources, I volunteers, willing to put in the hard work towards it, it’s a great option, also, the with that with church stage, design, ideas. Com and their church stage designs. There’s also some some great community through facebook group that they did. They run only focus on church stage, design and church projection. That’s how it’s on facebook, Church Stage Backdrops if you search church stage design ideas on facebook, another great source is pinterest, so there’s some really great, really great things on there.

As far as a different stage, designs is a lot of great designers on their hoop in and gather in a put together with so phenomenal. Listen photos of phenomenal vines actually have a list on their based off of a lot of my really like green designs are not only from the church but also from the secular world as well. You can search pinterest for steven hall av and see that stuff there and it’s a pretty cool stuff, but when you’re there also look for church stage designs from some of my friends. A lot of them had pinned 10 stuff for our friends with me on pinterest, and then you can go from there. Another great option is the the magazine in the magazine change. The name is worship tech director affects the magazine is a lot of really great information on there about how you can how you can build a stage design, how you can light well for a stage design and how you can even further, even further better your stage designs through lighting through technology and through visuals. Church Stage Backdrops What’s it called creative discussion group on facebook? It’s a it’s a called creative church, that’s also another great great place where a lot of really down-to-earth people to stuff their stage designs and how the great really beautiful visuals for their church and then. Lastly, if you can find a alumni friends, jeff habit, he he create some great stuff he’s got a blog that goes over.

Some of that in most of that, stuff is also on a church stage, design ideas as well. So that’s a few resources union used to really hone in your Church Stage Backdrops skills, I’d, really again, i, really love love for you to check out some of the articles on worship, director, specifically searching for lighting some great articles on there, I just going to sound arrogant, but by myself from myself. I know that I I wrote some articles on there that I’m really happy with that I kind of kind of condensed down the the essence of turk lighting design, and you know 1200 words a couple times and I think there are some really good stuff. They are there that I have wrote for the rope for the magazine as well as one of them. Some incredible article so learning resource, and it’s free to additional articles on stage safety on on stage design and color usage and lighting those on there. They have some really great articles. What you’re really beginning to how to how to how to paint a stage design how to create a Church Stage Backdrops.

Design website is another report that we would love for you to check out again at smartyants.Com in this podcast, but I would love to talk with you and find out how I can best serve. You shoot me an email at steven at mod, scenes.Com and I’d love to chat with you about your stage, design and help. You create something incredible. Thank you in forton against the podcast and and continue service

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