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Welcome back to another episode of the mod team, podcast podcast, for we talked about church stage, designs, church, backdrops event, backdrops corporate meetings and just in general, creating some of the coolest age scenic serve you and your clients well or your congregants. If we’re talking about churches, corporate staging the corporate staging industry is quite enormous, as you probably know, if you’re in that industry employs hundreds of thousands of people in the usis it so many times, it’s referred to as corporate cedar or corporate meetings or sales meetings, none-the-less any type of corporate stage. Design comes down to a couple of key things:typical you’re, Church Stage Backdrops coming into a room with not a lot of time. So you need a quick easy to assemble products, typically with the corporate stages on your also looking to maximize maximize your return on investment, so whatever money you’re spending your wanting to be able to make that money over and over again, obviously you’re wanting something creative, something that is not out of the box and is not a typical everyday visual.

So one of the great ways we do that, as do armand teams, has also, with a corporate stage, designs you’re wanting to your wine to have something that you can have a chain:crew, a local stagehand crew, a symbol to minimize youryour labor cost as far as a carpenter’s excetera. So a couple ways which is a very versatile stage:design product each pieces made out of fire rated coroplast to pvc, really resilient, easy to clean and easy to store. So those products can be built from either hanging from trust hanging from the article biting bat hanging from pipe and drape self-supporting as a wall or backdrop or self-supporting as a power, and we actually just wants a new new hardware option for that type of stage design for doing towers. Where were you instead of doing it for side tire? You can also do a three-sided tower, which is quite right.

So Church Stage Backdrops are proceeds products are made to make for a really easy corporate staging set up so looking at a full backdrop of about 100 panel. So that’s a large backdrop. Probably that’s like a 20 by 24 by 18 by 24 by 24. Looking at, if you’re looking at under an hour to build the entire set, you have another probably hour to do lighting so typically a stage design, even in a corporate realm, it’s going to be very pretty measurable amount of time. So this is a quick, easy way to create a really unique visual all are designed. Her are obviously you hate. We create all of our design, so they are. You know that it’s something that it’s not it’s not everywherewhat are visual. We also do a really different way of shipping. There. Many other states design companies out there that ship products be freight, carriers design, Church Stage Backdrops one of them they make great products, but there’s a huge cost of shipping their product, so typically anywhere from 3 to $300. To could be upwards of $1,000, depending on where you shipping, two for the road cases for sat. Where is all of our stuff? Can ship ups, ground or fedex ground, which makes it easy to get it from site to site and saves a huge amount on shipping expenses?

We had custom-made boxes that are dinner, heavy duty stuff make sure all the product is safe. On the way there and back those heavy-duty boxes, I have 6. Walls of cardboard on all edges faces have two walls of cardboard, so it makes it for a very, very safe way to ship your productin addition to that. We always send some errands with everything, there’s nothing worse than realizing the room. Turned, and now you need some extra panels or realizing. Oh no, we counted you know six 2q. We need this many more. We always make sure to include spare hardware repair panels at bearcat meant that way. It’s super simple and super easy to build and if anything were to get damaged during shipping, you still have enough product actually make your show a success. So that’s a couple of things. We do differently in the face backdrop realm in in the corporate world. Another thing we do is not only do we print our products, we also sell the mini companies. Rent products is really easy to find a rental company that does the dos good cd projekt Church Stage Backdrops.

Most of them are modular but none-the-less their pool productsbut. We are the only company that sells modular scenic directly, so are our modular seen? It is super beautiful. As you can see through photos, you can see a lot of our photos at macys.Com creations. When you buy our products you buy once and from there you’re able to be able to make money from them. So we we saw, we saw a product and we rent them so say you have an inventory of a hunter panels, a hundred fifty, but you don’t want me to purchase you-can rent those products from us and it’s going to be a great consistency to call a really flexible rental inventory. They can make you a lot of money and make you some really high return-on-investment, as you use the product to answer your questions about corporate staging, even if it’s, even if it’s pointing you in the right direction, on something that’s slightly related I spent about 6 years and corporate staging I’ve done a lot of a lot of pharmaceutical meetings and sales meeting and I just love to help you, however, Church Stage Backdrops I can even if that doesn’t mean as a sarah’s song our product. So at martins., com I’m, looking forward to serving you with an incredible stage backdrop and making your next corporate event

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