Church Stage Backdrops | Getting Another Opportunity

Welcome back to the monty’s podcast I’m thrilled that you’re joining us again, you’re going to be a little bit so I got the great opportunity to ross in through one of their campus launches. We help them with the the northwest oklahoma city campus launch. We created a projection backdrop for them based off of our canvas panels, which is a square panel, read a production service. For their backdrop, most of life church campuses have a pretty good amount of technologies. Far as a church. Church Stage Backdrops Campus goes anyways, but we did it differently. There is a the the sinner projection, instead of just being a singular screen with a full backdrop into developerso without a without original launch. We also help with the albeni campus up in albany new york, and we put all of those canvas panels on their corners. So they look more like a diamond. Supposed to ask where it’s a really beautiful, beautiful way of projecting onto the one of the things we learned in that process is that there was a lot of masking involved to be able to get rid of the edges. Wasn’t a symbol of the projector and going as we continue to build as we continue to build a relationship with life church. We got another opportunity to serve them with the opening of their moore oklahoma camp.

In with that, we created a backdrop that was a 16 by 9 format, was 32 feet by 18 feet, and so without an able to do is praydirectly onto the project directly onto the backdrop without having to keystone with or without having to do any major masking this ain’t a bunch of times a bunch of processing and it made is streamline the the the system. After that, we also helps with the the life church norman campus and the life church Church Stage Backdrops fort smith campus in fort smith. We did a, we did an asterisk seth would work out really well and then in in the northern campus, we created a new set for them, which we call a keystone sat. So it’s a think like a pyramid with the top cut off, and we use that project onto and again with elsa in a 16 by 9 format. 32 foot wide by 18 ft tall projected onto with a I believe it was a 12k 12000 lumen projector from epson.

We, Church Stage Backdrops actually have a an article on that on our website and also on church stage design, ideas. Com. If you’re ever over there. You can see all the specifics of that so with that with those campuses where the crate a really interesting visual, not like just a square boxing boxing. Do you know led, look, but a actual visual that really candy match its really unique, and it gives us a nice flavor to to the backdrop while keeping it from being just another giant screen. So after the norman campus, Church Stage Backdrops we actually with a we helped light, come up with a plan to install projection screens throughout all of their campuses. We did that later that fall. We actually ended up installing projection screens, projection, screen, backdrops and all of their campuses, so total I believe it is 26 campuses that we’ve now installed. Seen again, we have worked in or we’ve worked or had our product in every life. We’re really blessed to be able to work with him and to serve him.

Well and they really loved our relationship because serving that was not so much in this is what we have by this. We figured out what they needed to create something that serves our clients that serves the church. So if you don’t see something you like inside, because I would love to figure out how we can eat something that serves you well in more than serve you well, but it is you want to be able to. We want to be able to create that time, freedom that you need to be able to lead your team well within your shirt, so I would love to have a chat with you about how we can do my emails on our website mods.Com, Church Stage Backdrops but you can also calm your design or how we can best serve you, even if it is sometimes it takes 6 months to a year to get what what you need to prove i, completely understand that I’ve been there before I know how finance of kin kin flow or a very specifically, not flow within a church. So if there’s any way, I can help in that. Let me know, because we need to help starting shortly, we’re going to have a new program where you can essentially lease to own your seen it you pay a specific price up front and paid monthly payments on a $300 a month for your set or two, as you probably have heard, working with that financial I hope this is a benefit of a podcast.

If it is please, let me know we’re serving you well and know how we can continue to serve. You well cover anything that we should we should. We should go over, how do something specific or how to work with a certain product, but not, let me know I’d love to I’d love to to do a podcast on it. Help you I’m looking forward to chatting with you about your turn and how we conserve your for your church. I. Think you for tuning in to the moth podcast Church Stage Backdrops

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