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Welcome back to another exciting episode of the mod seems podcast. This is steven hall on the owner and ceo of about specific, say a little bit around our company communicate stage, backdrops and stage design. Most people know that from singer, websitewe’re going to our information are notoriety within the church stage, design realm or even the corporate events around. But one thing that we did. We really focus on internally on our team jackson rate of about about 10% on our panels. A lot of people don’t realize that it’s about 10% of our material actually goes back into, gets, recycled and turn back into other products. Because of her that we see if he has a blemish, Church Stage Backdrops be like a like a like a scrape from moving from yale pallet pallet as a raw material like like, like any kind of wound from something like that or if it.

If there is any kind of fact, you know a bump corner if it were to lose suction on the cnc and the family moved it all. We are very, very particular about making sure that our product are pristine, and the reason is that the quote our attention to detail communicates our intentions, the best the best stage design company in the world, the best for one reason we want to help the seed and the best way for us to do. That is to be the best we possibly can the better. We are the better we serve you, the better of the church that is able to reach and serve the people within the church. Communicate or intentions are intentions to serve and to take incredible care of the churches. We serve of our clients. Church Stage Backdrops our friends, I mean a large portion of the people we work with are people we work with on a daily. Daily, but at least monthly basis in a providing us solution for their church for their for their next event. For the company to help you succeed and that’s how we we do it through our attention to detail, tell ya one one particular and since I’d like to share is we had a weird custom, a custom piece that we built. It was a base for a for client by a floor that we used multiple multiple times over hundred of that, we built like a almost 200 of them.

So there’s a lot of products part way through the design process. We decided to add, add a full-length aluminum cap around the edges, and we did that because our our attention to detail was so high. We wanted something that was going to be easy to pack, something that was going to be pretty much bulletproof. Something is going to be very hard to destroy or accidentally change your break. So we made that change that change cost us $2,000 on the project actually, and we were stuck with it cost as a few thousand dollars in time and labor, and then we were also stuck with about 2,000 2,000 feet of aluminum that we can use for other projects. Anyhow with that, with their stage backdrop product, we, we took the heart we which of the high road. We took the extra time to do what was right in order to serve them. Well and realistically, we lost money on that aspect of the job, Church Stage Backdrops but it was worth it to be able to serve them well to create a product, that’s going to serve them for years ago, and it’s going to give us the ability to to show love through what we do in our work. We do love what we do and we want to continue to show love through through our business through how we treat our employees internally and how we service our clients externally. So, hopefully, you are attention to detail into a lot of things we do in order to serve my clients, well, I’m, very much looking forward to serving you well and I would love to show you our attention to detail. Weatherby just threw a quote through a purchase.

I know once you see our product and once you’ve use our product, you’ll be thrilled with it nba a lifetime customer and as your lifetime customer experience or continued devotion. I think about you too good for it to serving you incredibly so I’m really thrilled to to talk to you about how I can serve you best feel free to shoot me an e-mail. My email is steven at mods.Com love to talk with you about your stage backdrop about how I can best serve you, how I can best serve your company or church and how we can create a solution that that shows you love from through the work we do. So. Thank you again for letting me share a little bit with you, thanks for checking out our stage backdrops on line, if you haven’t yet check them out at martins., com shop or martinez.Com creations, there’s a lot of really wonderful things on there. I think you’ll find those two. So Church Stage Backdrops you really well thanks again for doing into the podcast will have another podcast soon and I’m. Looking forward to chatting with you thanks

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Welcome to the matching podcast podcast about creating stage backdrops for special event or conference stage backdrop products I want to talk about today about a question. I got from a friend who knows our company pretty well story very well. How I became to be one of the people, who’s leading in the stage design industry an expert in the field a little bit about where we’re goinga little town about an hour outside of st. Louis i, was really into music club music and turn was 15. It was a multi-stage music festival and we had 18 bands at first year and for some reason, couldn’t drive. It was a pretty big success. We had about six hundred people in a town of about 15 about 1500 central, city illinois, pretty awesome deal for me as a high-schooler, but I grew a passion for production. I went to school, I started going to school when a guy, with the mindset of becoming a promoteraspects of overproduction of music. So I’ve done a lot of work is a lighting designer it’s one of my favorite lighting is one of my favorite things. I love doing lighting. Church Stage Backdrops I worked.

My way up by beingridiculously, persistent on wanting to learn lighting and doing all the crappy work, including cleaning out sweeping the floor, fixing cable cleaning out the pit, which was underneath the stage doing all the work and others don’t want to do and you’ll learn great thing in the concert side of things. Although I love the job at house of blues, they did not pay very well, so I ended up well looking for other employment, as I was supporting myself and my wifei ended up taking a job, a couple freelance jobs at a couple of different companies. Doing corporate freelance work work full time for a precedent at disney, specifically the disney studios park. It did it just pull years, doing corporate staging and started to do a little bit of lighting for churches, where I did some lighting for I did some lighting for northland church up in longwood florida after my after I finish up my time, do i, don’t know what I ever finished my time doing. Corporate work I still do some corporate pharmaceutical even today, but as I as I finished up. Some of my time, Church Stage Backdrops going into going into corporate I ended up doing a lot more church stuff on full-time staff at mod team eventually, but one of the full-time staff at northland was on staff in about three years, because the assistant lighting director I’ll see you moved out to norman oklahoma to full-time position at journey, church. Tv, where I was the lighting director there did that for a little over 5 years, including some time, and during that time, I did a lot of turn both my times at the churches and even some during the corporate corporate work. I did I did a lot of time working on designing stages.

So that was a huge part of my role as excuse me, a huge part of my role, designing stages at church and at journey church. In my time, doing both of those I pretty much immersed myself into one of the normal participants and what’s the correct word contributors to more than that, I started writing articles for both technologies for worship magazine and the wfx network. Is a huge production production trade show pretty much the largest church production for each other is a sign. The front or I went there. The more I learned I’m one of those people, i, actually love to learn and whenever I get a an inkling to learn something I just fully immerse myself in it. So part of the reason I started martins during my time at church. Tv, we needed a really good stage backdrop for one of our events and we had not a lot of people and it’s our first one of our first date, backdrops sold to drinkers on Church Stage Backdrops. In order to make our lives easier, there. First stage backdrop was pretty awesome thanks. It was a combination of kind of a dream of trying to figure out how I can do easier, but it’s still I love stage, design, I love, pretty cool stage, backdrops. Church Stage Backdrops A lot of different set with a stage backdrop that look amazing, but I was worried that we would be able to find a solution that still looks really good. There’s a lot of things whenever you try to simplify. It ends up just not looking good I’m, pretty happy to say, i, don’t think that that’s the case case with our monsoon products, you can sell, make a stage backdrop that looks amazing and it’s simple and easy.

You know 1 hour to set up a set is just crazy compared to the days inn normally takes when you’re beautiful, so I felt so pretty pretty. Where I’m coming from and where I’m going on continue to write for washington director and it affects network. Obviously, designs, i, love working with in that realm and then lastly, I’m getting designs I’ve been really enjoying this. Earlier. This spring we finished up a design for nissan of the car company company. We provided a scenic backdrop to them specifically up a giant spandex surface, with aluminum frame cutouts for projection in a bunch of really cool stuff for their executive executive meetings. A couple that I really really thrilled to work with, but after after landing, but where would we still be able to do some really cool stuff? I got to design seen it for one of my favorite bands, which was pretty awesome so yeah, Church Stage Backdrops it’s been a really really awesome couple years. Building the company and we’re just getting started. I’m really excited to grow mod seems to be the largest stained backdrop for my tool to create a new normal for how for how how people feel about buying and renting a stage backdrop frame company the best, and if people want to come back to us and spend money with us specifically I would love to hear.

However, I can serve. You shoot me an email steven at mods.Com I’m, Church Stage Backdrops looking forward to chatting with you about your stage backdrop and serving you well look forward to chatting with you and look forward to recording another podcast so that we can learn together

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