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Welcome again to the martins podcast:this is steven hall I’m, the owner and founder of martins I’m thrilled to talk to you about stage backdrops and specifically are martins products. Today, when I walk through a little bit about how you can build a set with mod teens, so lots of different churches special events concerts, because it makes you look that much better. It makes it look more polished. It gives it a customized, Church Stage Backdrops look something to extend your visual and make your amazing so a little bit about our stage. Backdrops everything you need is sent from the from the point of the trust down, for example, of a church were going to help out. I’ve got a truss existing will send all the connectors the panels, the bolts and nuts to build the whole thingif I describe to you how we don’t cost so we will purchase selected. For example, we will save the samurai pattern would be one that you would purchase.

So you order enough to fill your space so for a 10-foot by 10-foot space. You need 5, so you order your panels. They sell in packs of 4. So you order your packs of 4, so you’ll get seven types of, for you have a couple spares what does gray and then with those panels which are made of fire rate of coroplast, so we’ll have what we send as we send the ritacca for those does. Hardware paxil include 8 4-way connectors, a 3-way, connectors and connectorthose enable you to build big mouth walls or skinny backdrop. Sections give you a lot of options along with the panels and the connectors we send carriage bolts, and then you can choose whether you’d, like metal or nylon, to nylon kind of disappears. The metal gives it kind of riveted look, so it gives it just a little bit different seal Church Stage Backdrops also personally, like the middle, because when you’re setting up and tearing down what you can use a magnet to magnet everything up at the end of the day before youwhatever you do projection is normally fast if you’re using the white nylon hardware, because it’ll project directly onto it, no weird reflections from the metal and there’s a little bit of weight. So you decide to use the nylon hardware.

With your stage backdrop, whatever your building you’re going to start at the top of your the top of your trust or pipe and drape, if you have type ii you’re trying to hang from, we also sell clients that directly over your pipe and drape, so keep your pipe and drape safe it doesn’t it doesn’t allowed to be cut all the weight transfer from that client directly onto the pipe? You can’t I directly up to a trust or theatrical lighting baton or a pipe anything that you would be able to typically hang a curtain or lights, or something like that for example, example of a 10-foot by 10-foot, so you’re, probably going to be working at under under 20 lb total. So Church Stage Backdrops it’s a pretty lightweight product, so there are some places where it may not be. Fort ross in those places at like a unit or even anchors into drywall are typically sufficient. If you don’t know, it’s probably best to be fine, somebody, maintenance, department, hat or somebody who might be able to help you with it. Can this 12lb hang on this one point moving forward, so you would tire tire. First 4-way 4-way connector up, so it’s always best to start from the center. Where your drops going to be high line, or you can also use zip ties, which is another way of doing it from that, will push through design pattern, then it will push through the connector and on the back side, you’ll titan that wingnut you’ll do that.

So now, you’ll move to the next to the going to stay to the right hand, side door panel and you’ll put another bolt off of a another four way that you zip tie or tie up. You continue this to your desired with. So, if you’re going 3030, why you’re going to need 28 four ways that 30 camel wide, only 28 four ways to ways on each end, your first real, it’s very important! You try and make that level by nature. The Church Stage Backdrops panels are going to be pretty close to level already, but anything you can do to make sure that they’re all touching that there is nothing funky like. Maybe a piece of tape is pushing on one corner or something where we can do that. Make Church Stage Backdrops sure it’s nice and flat makes your life a lot easier as you build into the future, so you can using a truss, truss or a theatrical lighting baton. You can take those up and build as you go, so it makes it really quick, typically underarm in upper panel, in your building like that and then once once you continue those layers until you finish once you’ve got to the very last row. On your stage backdrop you’re going to want to put two-way connector is across the bottom and you’re going to want to put just a singular bolt in the bottom corners.

This makes it look consistent throughout the entire drop. Another thing you can do is if you’re looking to make a little bit different different. Look to your backdrop, you can build around the screen using 3-way, connector and kind of surround your screen with a scenic. A lot of churches have a center screen in. This is a great way to kind of make. It feel a little bit more customized by building around that screen, so you’ve got it up, use it for 3 months now. Okay, we want to try something new. We want to go back to a darker back for background. You take your end up taking your set down everything pops back into his box, really nice and neatly 2 foot by 2 foot by 6, but if you have multiple sets, for example, for them all in one area, really tight and change them in and out as you need to go about building a stage backdrop, if you have any questions, feel free to. Let me know I’m always happy to help and to teach you about how we can best serve you. You can reach me via email. My email is steven modz.Com at steven at martins. Com or you can call our office number, which is also on our side and I’m. Looking for chat with sue Church Stage Backdrops

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