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Welcome to the martins podcast, this is stephen again, so, hopefully help serve you and your church well who’s on our team and how they serve you a little bit currently with our teeth. Everybody but i, try to at least talk on a lot of people who work for us on a normal basis. So we operate out of the out of a shop on research park at research, park boulevard in the not too far from the heart of norman about a mile east of the airport. So, as you can probably, as you probably know, we we first stage backdrops, we heard backdrop products, products, custom, cut plastic in woods for a variety of other other industries outside of the stage design world. But aren’t you know the focus is creating a backdrop that works well for you. It serves you well and is a is a is a great products to to use what’s wrong with our team, so, Church Stage Backdrops as I mentioned on the owner of the company, I’m, also the primary designer 90% of time. You probably chat with me if we’re figuring out a design as well so I have a pretty good background in the design world I’ve been in a designer for about 11 years, my career at house of blues in orlando versus 80 and work my way up to a lighting designer their design lighting there for a couple years and I also work in the corporate industry for about 3 years doing various full-time and freelance design projects and I still to this day, do i.

Do a pretty reasonable deal of freelance pharmaceutical design. I also do obviously I do backdrop design one of the big things I’ve done it since the beginning is overall visual design, I love lighting design, but out of the love machine, design, Church Stage Backdrops fella for scenic, design and specifically backdrop design lighting is only as good as what you’re lighting so I was trying to make sure that we’re creating good things to light so that we make our lighting designers lives easier, and so we can make really cool looking stuff after my ass in the corporate world, I continue to freelancing corporate, but I moved into the to the first world, which is really my passion, really where I wanted to be nicer for a very large church in longwood florida blue at 6, somewhere in the top 20 of the largest churches in the country first distributed so the multi campus church the time I work there I believe we had six different campuses, including online, with an average attendance of round $20,000 weekend, which is mind-blowing, lee awesome, and we printed some really amazing visuals in my time at the church, I serve a lot with the with the youth maya. My role for a good portion of my time there was the assistant ld, so I handled all special events. Church Stage Backdrops All christmas easter, big events, so I would be i, would typically typically collaborate with the designer george jackson we collaborate on the stage design states that I would typically handle most of the scenic design for many years at least I handled the same design for a large portion of that and then and then also assisted with programming, I program, a portion of services and then also with the youth. Please, we did a lot of a lot of really cutting-edge stuff in our youth building. I need to see a lot of that on my personal blog at blogspot.Com 12 hours of once, you finished, listen to podcast archives. I have over there of all the crazy stuff we created out of a shoestring budget is pretty incredible.

Was that working in so many churches with on a shoestring budget was great in all, except for the amount of time it took to physically do so. I worked 80 to 90 hours on on an ongoing basis. It was, it was challenging, to say the least. It’s not it’s not always a reflection of the staffing through that problem churches by great leaders in a while working in there were weeks when we work 80 90 hours, probably more of a normal week was 60 hour week, Church Stage Backdrops I believe so, and so early on in the company has beginning. It was just me and my wife, my wife is sarah hall she’s, she’s, incredible she’s, probably popped out more holes out of panels and counting more bones than you probably ever want to know about a smile, she’s, incredible and definitely my biggest encourager. How long was sarah it so sarah sarah serves a little bit last with the company now that now that we’ve grown a little bit she’s, she has her focus on raising our kids, which is pretty incredible and a very, very important job for sure. So, since we’re close to beginning a good friends, christopher filippelli later as full-time and now is the production director so he’s in charge of anything that comes in or out of the shop. So if, if you’re receiving an order from all teams, he’s touched in some way whether it’s been physically cutting the product, ensuring that everything is as it should be, double checking account doing drawings for a lot of stuff. Christopher is just a man of many talents as a background in in oil oil field, which is a big departure from drops and stage backdrop design, but he is liking. He has excelled at it he’s a incredibly hard worker and we are. We are more than glad to have him on our team. Christopher likes to verify. Twitch is awesome. Church Stage Backdrops He is foam swords and beat people up. So that’s his that’s one of his weekend activities whenever he’s not craving them. We all have a couple of the people who helped us a media production realm is one of our production building gurus. So probably your connector said is something that she just she’s put together a bunch of props.

Once again, I prefer cut she preps the connectors pack them and get them ready for shipping shelter council all the bolts, as you probably if you’ve ever were to set for muscle, know well since faribault. She is the reason you have a bunch of extra bolts in your life. Church Stage Backdrops Josh is just recently graduated high school. He is, he is getting into the navy industry, but in the meantime, he’s serving us as he learns to learn more about the production world about audio and lighting specifically and learning from us as well. So josh is josh the responsible for assisting christopher with running the cnc. He also helps with abc order, is good chance in his hands and touched it. So he’s a he’s. Another free help around the shop we also have anthony anthony is awesome. Awesome guy I was seeing. If you were at the philo show or the last our conference. You probably met him, he’s a really great man, who’s supposed to church a lot as a worship, pastor and he’s a said something off of all staffing. It is church in oklahoma he’s been serving in the dallas metro and when he’s not there he’s helping us, you know helping us reach people and show them how we can serve as well with our products, in addition to an addition to that helps with with some of the sign occasionally, but he does a ton of our graphic designs. Baltimore business card he’s helped us with the birthday cards and if you have any mail, Church Stage Backdrops I would love to send you one. If they’re pretty incredible and I’d love to celebrate your birthday, you can send those to steve and odds.Com. He also helps with trade shows what show is serving the journey church. Tv, with their production manager there really great guy. Really. You were looking for somebody to freelancers of contractors that work with us on a subnormal base, or so depending on season. Typically, charges are looking for stage designs in the fall or in the spring, so we have increased our staff by two to three people, for you. I would love to talk to you about your state, about your stage, design about your back robin. How I can best help chat through what we can do to get you a safe backdrop to serve me? Well, thank you. So much for doing it and I look forward to chatting with you again

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