Church Stage Backdrops | A Stage and Background

Welcome to the martins podcast, this is steven, a perfect visual for your church or your corporate event. Really great products today, I want to talk to you about us and how we can cut a lot of stuff. Obviously we make other stuffrrcc products have a lot of flexibility, because we can cut them with him. So we have a lot of flexibility to make what what we need to make with that particular about two different kind of cut through adamantium real. This is what the rules are made with a profile cut away, excess material. So you have your stand. Pattern in the areas are cut out. You can see through to your your backdrop, feel like you’re, Church Stage Backdrops ready for your wall.

So in addition to that option for a stage backdrop, another option and that’s called I called ai doubt it sounds like it’s something we’re all the typically half the depth of the material in this creates are really beautiful, different and unique stage design option. So, with this like, we could, we can stage backdrop church stage design using this option, so we can cut through the material to let’s say you know a half hour or 3/4 of death, so that gives us to have some more intricate cuts doing like more of a sign into base visual, like a science-based backdrop like if we’re trying to put a clientreally complexity of them have bridging between. Church Stage Backdrops that that’s a really cool capability so that fire rated seen it product works out really well with this. You know what this cuts these are these cut out cuts, so we just did one recently for an indian wedding that we can showcase a little bit earlier this month. It was we cut in about a half inch tap it slightly. Changes on the plasticyou have a have a simple.

You know the simple part there, but you know it, but it looks really great for a stage backdrop or no church stage design something that you’re going to need to use over and over again, it’s a great-looking option for that. So, in addition to that, we can also do some specific cuts that they do a mixture of the two, so I make sure I make sure of cutouts and also profile cuts. So this enables us to be able to when we mix the two together and they both of us to be a little bit more picky with what we want. So we can sign across a stage there like a stage backdrop design or your church stage design and then, additionally, depending on how you do to cuts, Church Stage Backdrops you can also set up the carts so that there are so that they cut a much thicker thickness on side of a 16th of an inch and a material I can cut like 3 cut downs.

Where is about three thirty seconds of an inch left on the material or even down to we’ve gone as low as a 32nd of an inch. So it’s a very thin plastic at that point. In the great thing about this is it gives a plastic a slight opacity, so he’s going to give you the final scene in a crate, some really really great visuals. Specifically, we did some custom logos where we did this, we cut in the depth of the depth was about what time do the math in my head? It was just short of just short of 3/8 sort of sephora. The short 3/32 was what was what was left anyways. It is a very thin piece plastic, so we put a led par behind it and got this really great, seeing you and if you can, if she can really spend a little extra time and put in a larger visual along with that. So what we done the past that we can do like a client logo cut. The Church Stage Backdrops client will go out soon as I take the circular logo with a pain in the center of it all cut that out how that nice bowl day there and then have the rest of the the rest of the brand spelled out behind it and it cut out with a thin plastic left so that we can back light and i. Guess it’s a really really cute for like a corporate event or something like that, and obviously that doesn’t isn’t only one that it does because of the wedding monograms where we do that. We actually have one coming up later.

This is going to be the same in lake hardware, and leave some additional material that we can join my crew, beautiful monogram in the center and move back and forth over and over again, so that, although the monogram, as you know, obviously for one couple. Hopefully, the weather, so yeah that’s a little bit about the the different depths. Cutting procedures we can do within are within our stage designs with a design. I can help you to create something that works really well for you, as always, Church Stage Backdrops I’m, happy to help thrilled to serve. That is really what we love to do:a google search on google and see some of the reviews. That other was it put in I promise. I think you’ll see that I really love what we do and even though I’m the only one talking to be able to share our knowledge with you about face design, thursday designs, corporate design and will talk to you soon.

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