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Hello, welcome back to the podcast special tree, or at least is wearing a bunch of states that drops. This. Is my son I’m 7, because, like i, don’t want you to look like a year older asia like a week like it was i, Church Stage Backdrops don’t know why I was off the charts with this heights theater now, maybe not about how messy house is a lot in the shop. So when did you sabor people in the hospital? That’s pretty awesome. You are very generous of you, 20 $400,000. So can you there’s something I need to tell you if we can’t get this stuff for like bbs star wars is our friend jake use to get done in time, so jay helps us with our prince oj printed, some really cool and fighters some custom printing stuff. So it can you tell me about the the journey kids room.

Can you describe the the stage box office in there translate it’s like i, said square thing all connected by bolt i. Don’t really know how to cube. That’s pretty cool okay. So can you translate since you’re, always spinning space b space so fast? It look like there’s like 3 million 60 and 64000 hundred, which are suspended, suspended from a single point. So there’s like three of them on a point and you can take on and if you spend spend infinitely wants to spend them around enough. It’s pretty sweet so, Church Stage Backdrops and we also have like those tops. Girls have powers with like a hole in the top there’s no light.

There’s only the insides out of sync small holes I think we should do that, put somebody out with allergies, and so it goes like riding around in the ohio:hey okay, so we get pretty excited about lighting and about making cool stuff with money, yeah yeah, but the reason the reason we get paid as soon as hard work,, and you know what we get to do whenever we do that hard work. When we get to take care of you, that’s why we do it a hundred thousand by the end of the year, army yeah, that was a pretty crazy month. Huh install down face first and stayed like that for like to make it easier for them to understand in my mind chords for safe after ops in our shop Church Stage Backdrops.

So you help us at the shop, sometimes choices of life. So since it’s over the summer we set, you know one or two days a week that you can come and work and what do we do? Do we run a cnc deer on the same team? No other people alphas the only people who work with monty in forsyth, sarah and christopher i, don’t know any other people. Those are the only people that work in the shop. We also have a lot of other people that help us in selling mod scenes and putting things together and carl and the other sister kingle hey. So can you tell me about working amante’s what you do when it will you work at monty’s, so I got to catch my breath, Church Stage Backdrops don’t think I’ve not been working at martin’s really I’d, not think there is a baby in the house. What’s his name, but his real name is so. Can you tell everybody what you do do when you’re at when you’re at monty’s?

Have you counted both before yeah I will probably not what I want yeah it’s about a year ago. You remember the time we covered our entire living room flow for with bolts and we counted bolts. There are six of us in the living room. Whenever we first started company we’re all counting bolts, how does a giant party wasn’t it? You don’t remember that you’re talking about you like your mom okay, so what else do you have any questions about how like we are going to start at this point? So when it comes to counting? So imagine me as a lego master builder and yes, but legos lego master builder. I agree. You were one of the quickest people, accounting bolts.

How Church Stage Backdrops how many group? What do we count them into? So what’s your favorite? What’s your favorite mods in spanish? So what’s your favorite martinez? Do you like the one that looks like a kid’s room or maybe the egg on it we have in there now i, don’t know what else do you like? I, didn’t defenders? My favorite subway i, don’t think we have some with him. What’s it look like it’ll be cool when it comes out, woman, okay, well, i, think I think we are about to finish our podcast. Do you have what you want to tell people about modesty before we go if you’re in church, we try to help. What is this song I say? No, thank you. I will be back soon

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