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Welcome to the martins podcast episode 11 and how we can serve you best with stage backdrops, a little bit of my favorite designs of the panels that I like the most to make a stage backdrop to make a tower out of some of the cool things you can do with them. And, yes, it was one of my very favorite designs of the crescent moon and also happens to be one of our best sellers. It’s a half, it’s a half circle, so it’s a pair of a circle. So so, if you would imagine two c’s back to back, so if you want to be speech, can make circles which is obviously beautiful, look rotate every other one and kind of a checkerboard pattern is Church Stage Backdrops you to create more of a seashell pipe shape, which is a really beautiful, soft shade. That makes a great stage backdrop:it’s not too intrusive, really well in a in a somewhat traditional space where, as you know, some of our other patterns are a little bit more imposing and don’t work quite as well and say, like a traditional congregate.

The traditional church setting, for example, I know the thing I like with the crescent moon panels in particular, is that you can pull out if you pull out a panel out of the center once you’re, making your cool little caesars shape. It makes this really cool how do i, describe it probably best. It’s like at elegant, elegant, elegant, elated stars, look like kind of the edges are pulled out. A little bit looks really great. So if you’re ever looking for another idea with your layout and intake and pull its best and the use of a tower is composed of c 1, 2 3 believe it’s three curves one-two-three-four kurth workers really flowing kind of feel where you can intentionally put them opposing kind of a sharper or more edges. The the samurai looks really really good. If you do columns, you can do like a four foot wide by 4 foot, Church Stage Backdrops wide column of the stage backdrop that is samurai so and then create your pattern and then have like two to four foot in a repeated pattern.

Again, this creature really easy way to minimize the cost for your stage backdrop, but it also gives you a lot a lot of different options down the road cuz. You can add a few more panels to get you through that fool, that’s cool backdrop with:let’s see what else another one I really love is, so it is composed of a half hexagon. Half octagon in the two are budded back together very similar to the crescent moon, but again a sharper edge. So you can either make obviously your hexagon and an octagon back-to-back and kind of interlace those between each other throughout europe. Which is really cool or you can create a polygon by using by doing again your checkerboard in pieces with every other piece rotated 90°. This is going to give you a really cool. Geometric shape is essentially a a sharper version of the like I’m or ride angie version of the crescent moon backdrop. Church Stage Backdrops It’s one of the craziest things, because it is literally as simple as you can get it’s a giant white piece of plastic panels. It’s great cuz it gives you, did the availability to create either projection screens within your set or to create create spaces where you might put a logo or otherwise hide something, and maybe behind it in the bender, Church Stage Backdrops is kind of a is another phenomenal stage. Backdrop item I’ve made a lot of stage backdrops with that one, because it’s so dimensional, so the panels ship flat but I have cuts in them flaps. So once you’re on site, you can unfold those flaps and then build a backdrop. You can rotate the panels in different directions to get a to get a different feel if you rotate them with a flat point. You get a much more subtle phil. If you rotate them to the flats, are pointing up too much more drastic feel cuz gravity pulls those flaps down on you.

If you are sideways, you can kind of very the flap dimension in kind of said, where you wanted to leave, it pays pretty. Well, it’s really amazing way. It’s one of my favorite books. You can see all of our site. Yes, what’s a great one on shadows great dimensionality with it, Church Stage Backdrops and it’s really good possible pattern, because if you don’t want to have it, you know your dimensional pieces, he just pulled it flatten. It works just like a canvas piece. So again you get multiple piece at multiple sets with a single purchase, one design. In addition to that, we have a couple of really cool ones. That just came out. The verge is one of the the coolest new ones that I really love it. It’s when we came up with kind of based off of our circle patterns, but I wanted something that was a little bit more structured for a corporate clients. We have quite a few corporate clients that you know like the crescent moons and a samurai the great panels. They want something that’s a little bit more polished, for there will be a corporate meeting or corporate event I like gallas occasionally. So what this is, is it to square panel in opposite, corners are circles around, throw your back drop by varying the varying the location of the panels in the rotation of panels. Get you a really elegant. Looking back drop another one of my favorites is the curve panel, so that is a imagine a square panel with a multiple sperm cutouts into the panel and really the way we came up with this one is I was thinking about specifically, are specifically a game that I used to play back in middle school. It was like a pipe game.

I can’t remember, but essentially you turn the pipes to make water flow to it. I know I’m crazy. Some of my best ideas come from. You know silly video games and whatnot, but anyhow this stage backdrop in the rotation, those curves to be able to make multiple things so again, very similar concept to the verge. You can make it curve around or you can create circles. Another thing you can do is you can create, like rainbows like like an arch feeling about multiple, which is really great walk. It looks amazing and towers since they’re, so much so much there’s a lot of space, but there’s also a lot cut out that works really well for both projection being projected light onto and shooting light through. And lastly, probably probably one of my favorite sites is the keystone. So again this is a very simple panel. It’s based off of a square, Church Stage Backdrops but there are two two smaller triangles coffee edges, so it makes similar to a a pyramid with the top cut off is what it looks like. So we utilize those along with our outer space connectors to create a stage backdrop. So you can project onto we created a bunch of these for our friends at life. Church is well and they’ve just been blown away, they’re, so great. So specifically, the way we use these as we have these flat panels will use a outer space, which is a black connector that sits behind the panel. It’s got a 1 inch gap between two panel gives you a very start visual. So it’s a bunch of led panels. There square there’s really not much more. You can do with a video video panel, then a design based off of squares unless you mask it.

So what we wanted to do screen projection surface customizable, so we have these cool little shapes that all fit together and they create. You know a nice square 16 by 9 or 32 by 18 backdrop. We use that backdrop to project onto i, know life church, campuses i, believe we launched 14 of the keystone sets. Obviously I mounted them ton of great pictures. If you look on our creations page at martins., com creations, you can see those there. You can see a bunch of the stage backdrops we did for them bunch of the projection drops. We did for them classy what else came up the concept of cool stuff to surf and turf corporate events? Church Stage Backdrops Sir concert sweden concerts, even in the bahamas trinidad trinidad and tobago anyhow, thanks for joining us and martins podcast I’m looking forward to chatting with you to shoot me, an email as steven at mod scenes.Com I’d, be happy to chat through your stay and see how we can serve you best

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