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Welcome back to the martins podcast host, even talk to you about today about backdrop and specifically creating a stage backdrop without the use of pipe and drape trussing or any other structure fire specifically pipe and drape, or trust, because the labor or the cost in bringing those items like hotel, ballrooms or places where places where drinking is limited to in-house av providers with can sometimes be a challenge to work with. So we have a couple of different ways to the backdrop that looks really good is self-supporting, so you don’t have to worry about other exterior supports and also something it just looks, greatlet’s jump into that. So the first. The first thing that you can, that you can do is hang from pipe and drape. I know I just said not pipe and drape. Drape is a pretty simple option. Full set of a pipe and drape is typically, Church Stage Backdrops let’s say a 20-foot wide set up is only going to be a couple hundred bucks for a full one week, rental. So it’s a it’s an option. If you were a be hot, if you’re able to get the the parts there are, we do occasionally provide those for rental, but for the most part most of our product is your shift and I really want to get into our art hours. So we build self-standing.

Senior towers towers are four-sided, so you can take your pattern and repeat your pattern across the entire scene in shower, so you lay out multiple of these powers to create your stage backdropso. This is rob from there is. You can either have it? You know if you wanted to fill up a say, let’s vegas square area, you don’t you don’t want to do a backdrop. If you want to do something, something that can sell stand, so you can do like, let’s say, for example, eight towers across the back of the stage in this would give you the ability to kind of do a be about 20 ft by 18. If you wanted to create something else with a cool visual, you could stare stop them so you’re center towers could be a 10 ft tall than the next and then do a pair of towers. Outside of that did our 8-foot tall paris I was outside.. That is 6 foot tall, so continuing down a stepping down to foot each time you go to cn tower. To create your backdrop, Church Stage Backdrops addition to doing the four sided towers. You can also do a three-sided tower with our protein products.

This enables you to save about 25% on your panel cost, which is going to bring you yourcost of renting or purchasing down. You can do multiple, multiple, designed kind of rotate. The designs based on need to say you want to have different, general session different dinner, walk in a different party. Look each of those could be a different side on your tower. You can rotate those that were. You can do just a fool, a fool on tower that you did. You can up light and adjust. The triangle gives it a much different feel cuz you’re, going to haveit’s different, it’s where it’s a little bit more. How do you say a little bit more, a little bit more geometric, Church Stage Backdrops? Guess the angle thing specifically what I’m trying to communicate visually for your for your event, in addition to the tower so help you with self self standing walls, so these product to use utilize a wall base, we take that wall base and we build. We don’t decide from that, their braces and depending on the size you up to 6 foot by 9 foot without any bracing. Above that you do internal braces, every 3, every 4 foot. Do you ensure stability and those prices are just a piece of clear acrylic, they’re super simple and it worked together with hardware really easily. So that’s another!

That’s another thing:whenever you’re working with when you’re working with building self standing wall sections, the other great thing about that is, you can put a solid panel on the back side of the wall pattern on the front side of the wall and do a two-tone led, wash you an internal led. That’s like a obviously you can change colors, but i. Do it like a strip light like a color for something similar to that and do an apply to you in a blue and then on the exterior. Do you like enough light in a teal? In that contrast, one of your really really beautiful, look, especially with the intricate pattern, like the pendant pattern or the samurai pattern, or the crescent moon pant pant pattern, any of those that have have nice, nice, elongated, curves or or sharp points. Those are really going to show up early good, so and then. Lastly, in addition to that, we have some custom, actually they’re, not there. They are custom, but they are available for rental there 1 foot by 1 foot 2 hours, so you can spread those out a little bit more. They ship in a 7 ft long box of a long box, but they’re really cool. You can ship, like you, can ship eight towers in a single box, so you should post how we ship those towers out with you use them very similar to how you would set up a normal tower, but they set up quicker in a little bit less obtrusive. So if you have a like a stage, not very deep there good option for that, Church Stage Backdrops and in addition to that. Lastly, we have our agrocrag panel and what we ever had broke red panels and also are any of our standard panels can also be utilized with our floor stands. So we had these for stan’s can build up to eight foot tall and they don’t need an additional support other than a sand bag on the back corner to keep them vertical.

I saw there another good option if you’re looking to create a asset without using utilizing in you know in house rigging or in-house services such as that I hope. This is been helpful. Hope it’s been a great learning moment of how you can make some really cool stuff without rigging, specifically with are monsoons products and stage. Backdrops I would love to chat with you about your state backdrop and find out how we can serve you best, Church Stage Backdrops whether it’s getting you four million samurai or building something custom or making a great design for towers that’ll work great for your event, I’d be happy to chat with you figure out how we can serve you best,, and you can also contact us via phone on our website at martins.. Com, contact us and that’s it for this episode. I’m looking forward to chatting with you again

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