The team at mod scenes has the Best Stage Backdrops around and we have served a Life Church since 2016. prior to us serving them each campus had LED and started their own design process. They hired several different winners to create their stage backdrops and there was a little bit of confusion. There was little consistency and it left a feeling that was not quite what they wanted. ability from campus to campus all changed when they hired us. before they did their stage with us they were having issues with unity. Before using us the teams had many of the stages that had issues.We’ve been thrilled to be able to help bring consistency and Longevity to their stage backdrops across the country. We have served teams across the nation.

Our team served Life Church Albany with a new set utilizing our canvas projection Panama’s and we were able to give them the Best Stage Backdrops out there. The team at Albany used these hung on a 45° angle to create a unique projection service that we had not seen before. surely after we served a Life Church by getting their Sage designs for the Northwest Oklahoma City Campus and more campuses as well. they said we utilized triangle projection service in canvas panels. After serving the Life Church team diligently on these new designs we were approached to help create a repeal system for all their campuses and that changed a lot of things. This is some consistent new sets for 20 of the remaining Life Church campuses across the nation. Each set was created as a 32×18 back truck that is used as a projection bag drop.

We have the Best Stage Backdrops available and we are excited to bring that to you. The team at Summit integrated our systems in Life church with projection technology aspects for each of the new stage backdrop designs. It is incredible and we value you along with Who are willing to bring their design to life. We also helped Life Church bring the projection and Technology aspects for each of the new stage backdrop designs. along with you realizing some more resistance to designs we also created some additional customized designs in this process. We provide over 7,000 panels that were packaged individually for each campus. Since then our system has served Life Church incredibly well and it has really helped them.

The flexibility and Creative Design of our new projection Services has transformed their spaces into an incredible backdrop. It has an answer: I miss her for worshiping on Friday a unique set of backdrops that are scalable and readable in many ways. Over the past two years we have provided 26 sets to Life church and we are thrilled to serve them. We are incredibly grateful to serve them and partner with them.

If you would like to schedule a free trial and see what we’re all about, visit our website at or give us a call at 530-723-6241 to see what we can bring to your campus. You can see further examples of our incredible execution process with Life Church on our contact page. If you would like to see more information on why we didn’t go into a deep dive on our website, you can just give us a call directly.

Best Stage Backdrops|versatile products

We have versatile backdrops and Mini things that make us the Best Stage Backdrops around. We actually work with disney, chick-fil-a, life church, and tedx. We have experience in bringing amazing scenes to your stage. We have worked with her in the highlands, Willow Creek Community church, and many many more. As you can see Hunter’s kind of trusted us with their stage that I need will help take them to the next level. I would love to show you how we can serve you amazingly and we would love to do it. and one of the most value races for a backdrop’s needs is a mod scene is what our customers are saying. report hearts into our work and provide a five-star service to our customers all the time. We are so sure that you will love the stage designs from us and we will offer a free trial of our products.

We want you to experience employers and enjoy the amazing change our stage backdrops will bring to you and we know that you will have the Best Stage Backdrops when you contact us. It is our great pleasure to serve you as well as the many others that we have helped along the way. Additionally you can see our work above from many of the campuses that we have helped. If you would like to start the process you can submit your design on the website. have a great mod scene design and you can share it too. We love to share it around the world. if you love what you have seen on the website then you can get started today. We have the highest rated design company. We are here to serve you and we are excited to get in touch with you. Some of our clients are easily recognizable. You definitely heard of them like Disney, Meeting Tomorrow, OKC and we also have created many outstanding atmospheres with our mod scenes. if you’d like to see my Recreations you can go online.

Incredible gallery of the Best Stage Backdrops out there. You can get the process started quickly and you can do somebody going online. We have an incredible sampling of designs that you can see that are just a taste of what we do. Our happy clients include Life church, Church of the highlands, and Willow Creek Community church. You can see further exams of our incredible execution process on our contact page and look at everything that we have done.

If you’d like to contact us to schedule a free trial and get started today then you can go to our website at We would love to start the process or we would love to speak to you directly at our phone number which is 530-723-6241. and give us a call and we will be honored to serve you at the highest level. It’s time that you take your stage design to the next level and experience mod designs. you’ll be incredibly happy to call us today.

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