Are you looking for a last-minute design for your church maybe it’s on Easter Sunday Christmas or maybe even giving then we have you covered with our Aggro Crag. Right here with Mod Scenes, we can offer you the best of the best when it comes to stages Ynez was scenic design to really be able to tell a story as well as be able to be so visually spectacular. Looking to simple modular people stage a sign that you do not forget. Thus and give you lights reconnects to create designs in the floor able to kinda create a barrier maybe even create theme holiday-themed lights as well. So we also can provide you a throwback to some awesome custom waves as well as other scenes from our church. We also can be able to create an atmosphere of engagement in your services and we are here to help and we want to be able to get you started on your next great stages eyeing today.

Is if you want more information about Aggro Crag us was more about the services offered by Mod Scenes peer we have entered into at canvas of it like a diet that diamond projection screen where we have lots of projects and services that connect to check out on the website we also have different products where we can actually include colored glass to be able to have that perfect a design for Easter and we were able to help and also be able to send us a message if you be able to have rose-colored lights or maybe even have different shapes or anything like that you will deafly be incredibly lucky to be able to work with us and also be able to have some very creative people to be able to make it happen.

So for information about Mod Scenes and what we bring to the table especially when it comes to creating Aggro Crag have it all taken care of. We are your stage design dreams can come true this year we want to be able to work you want to be able to check also like to be able to check out a creations page. If you’re looking for a fresh new stage design this year maybe you’re making doing a complete rehaul of your stage shop on our projection screens website. We also have the website on her Facebook page as well.

We also can provide you hexagon as well as Holly hexagon panels. If you want our parents did in the event feel free to be able check is that kind look like a natural beehive we can RC do in such a way where it looks natural to the wall and doesn’t actually protrude too much was taking up a lot of room on the stage. Has been provided at canvas diamond and we can also do elevation where we can actually make your room look bigger. Typically more of that or maybe one be able to do crazy wild ideas in the connection work it out for you, and then contact us today.

Contact us today be able to get started by calling Mod Scenes. The number to call to be able to get a hold of one of our team members for a last-minute design is to simply by dialing the number 530-723-6421 or by going to for more.

If You Need Help Finding The Aggro Crag?

Check out our DMX hoists on our website this is from one of our newest technologies reconnects to shop in on our websites if you really want to be able to start your services off right or any kind of reconnects to have these hoists suspended from your ceiling as well as the Aggro Crag being present in the record without fully taking away from the whole scene we can actually do different colors you can create rainbow effect we can even make them move further able to move along with music if you want them to.

To start off your start your week off right with Aggro Crag and Mod Scenes. If you really want to be able to have some great pixels as well as movement within your set we are more than happy to do that but we also can do stationery things were useful solely don’t want to be background to be able to take away with what happening on stage with the speakers or the singers. If you really want to be able to have a throwback we can deafly be able to provide you be beehive hexagon look to be up to create a really incredible Christmas background.

So we deafly have a few favorites here at Mod Scenes we as they would be able to share this with you. So if you have a favorite one that you’ve actually seen at other churches anyone be able to take that and put it on your own stage contact us today were happy babe to assist you and also be able to get your order complete within the 24 hours after we received it. We also can help you re-do something custom or even just want to be able to freshen up your stage for spring or summer we connection work with you on that so contact us to be able to get details about our Aggro Crag and other services and other products.

So contact us if you want more information about our services as well as what we can actually bring to be in to bring that dynamic look as well as being able to write you a tagging of pictures as well as being able to see some of the projection screens that we been able to do. Also if you want to be able to keep it simple but you also still want to be able to bring that calming atmosphere took place but also making sure that you can actually have people in the back of the room be able to see what is happening on screen can deftly be able to work with you on that must be able to buy 3-D imaging as well.

Also we love to be able to show you our samurai panel which actually can bring some edge to your stage design connection shop on the online on our website next to the other panels that you might like. It all depends on what kind of vibe you’re trying to bring to your room B a small room or large room and you want to be able to make sure you’re not taking away from actually happening on stage for just being able to visually team up with people on stage. So call 530-723-6421 or visit us at stage hour visit now.