Rental Guidelines

We are thrilled to serve you with your Mod Scenes Rental! Below are our rental guidelines and tips to help you have a successful rental. As any rental house, we require our products are taken care of to be able to offer you the most economical pricing per event. With this below we have outlined any additional charges that could potentially be charged. Our goal in this process is not to charge additional fees, but to serve you well by providing information on the best way to use and ship the products. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at


Store boxes and products on flat level surfaces with no sharp points. Largely un-even surfaces and sharp objects can damage both the boxes and product. Products should stay in the box except during use. This prevents excess dust build up and damage. Products should be removed from their box as they are built into their product use (such as a backdrop). Do not use products in an environment with bubble machines or other high residue elements (Haze and fog are fine) (contact us for exceptions and accommodations on this). Do not utilize hardware other than that provided by Mod Scenes. If panels come into contact with dirt, it is best to clean them with a clean dry rag. If panels come into contact with a liquid, panels can be cleaned with a clean rag with hot water. A light detergent like dish soap can be used if necessary. Magic Erasers are also suitable for cleaning the product in a show environment. As you dis-assemble the product ensure that panels go directly from use to back into their boxes. Do not store panels on cases, carpet, or floors as they will collect dust and debris particles that could be harmful to the panels.


All rental items are shipped in our heavy duty round trip boxes. Each shipment contains a 9” x 12” ziplock bag that holds return shipping labels for the products and instructions for building. To ensure proper return shipping, please keep all boxes and packing materials to use in return shipping. Products should be re-packed in the same way that they were received. Hardware should go only in the smaller boxes provided. Panels should go into the larger 25” x 25” x 8” or 25” x 25” x 4” boxes provided. Shipping hardware or cap nuts inside panel boxes will cause damage. Any damage caused by not following the above steps will be billed for upon receipt.

Products are to be shipped back within 2 business days of the scheduled end date of the rental. Products that are not in Fed Ex possession by the end of business at the conclusion of the 2 business day window will be charged an additional weekly rental rate.

Customers are responsible for dropping off rental products at the nearest Fed Ex Office or Fed Ex ship center. You can also return products by dropping them with your Fed Ex driver at any normal pickup time. Please ensure the driver scans the packages picked up. Scheduled Fed Ex pickups can be setup at an additional cost. Ask our team about details.


Any parts damaged while on show site are the responsibility of the customer. If parts are damaged, modified, or lost the customer will be responsible for all replacement costs. We do our best to understand and make accommodations, however Mod Scenes does retain the right to charge for any product that is damaged or lost at our discretion.

Onsite “Customization”

We understand on show site that there are times when it is necessary to alter a few panels in order to create a great visual. We have seen the need for this to work around Genie legs, create entryways, or work around unforseen architectural elements in the room. We are flexible and want you to be able to alter the set to meet your specific needs.  If you need to cut or change a panel to have a cleanly finished final product, you are welcome to do so.

That being said, please let us know of any modifications you end up making by emailing us at  Please also pack these panels into your return shipment last.  Any parts that are modified will be charged for at the published retail price.