Give Back

How We Give Back

At Mod Scenes we love being able to serve people and help them live into their incredible potential. As an extension to that, we support our friends at Safari Mission. Safari Mission uses a proven and creative system to help people in the nations of Kenya, Congo, and Uganda. Their radically different way of teaching entrepreneurial skills with a biblical foundation empowers the people of Africa to help each other and truly participate in a solution. The successful graduates of their teaching programs go on to lead, support, and empower others in their community to do the same.


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A Few Things That Set Safari Mission Apart From Other Organizations:


-Long term methodology to solve problems
Safari mission uses a clearly documented process and system to help solve real problems. They do not work to provide band-aids for immediate short-term needs which creates a long-term dependency. They provide guidance and leadership to leaders who can follow a system for growing their leadership, character, and resources to serve others.

– Empower the people of Africa
Safari’s mission involves natives in their management and leadership. This scalable process makes it possible to grow the organization in the country in a way that encourages further growth. This entrusting of leadership grows leaders and does not create a future of dependency on outside training and leaders.

-Emphasis on results-oriented use of funds
Safari Mission holds themselves to a high standard of accountability for the gifts they are given. This can be seen through their clean and transparent accounting published online for all to see. The local leadership model of Safari Mission even further shows this spirit of resourcefulness they embody.

-Share the Gospel of Christ
The core message and bedrock of Safari Mission is to share the gospel while empowering and training leaders in the church and businesses. While other humanitarian organizations just focus on physical needs, the design of Safari Missions teaching engages people’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. The team’s intentional instructing that includes expressing thankfulness to God is apparent in the way students carry themselves. The alumni from Safari Mission want to serve others as servant leaders and see it as a great opportunity that they get to lead others into a new way of life!

A portion of each purchase you make with Mod Scenes goes to support the incredible work at Safari Mission. Want to go even further? Find out more at