Aggro Crag

What is Aggro Crag?



Aggro Crag was a very popular term that came from the Nickelodeon Show, GUTS in the early 90’s. The term took a life of its own. Essentially, GUTS had a great idea for getting people to compete for a piece of the Aggro Crag. The show features young athletes, all of which are competing against each other, with different versions of events and athletic competitions all competing for a piece of the highly coveted – Aggro Crag. This is when the shape began to take a life of its own. The Aggro Crag itself was not the “wow” factor. It was the unique shape it gave. It was the lighting features the shape brought. It was the hype that the world had never seen before from a piece of the puzzle that could be completed. It was everyone’s goal to complete the piece of the puzzle. Aggro Crag became a very popular sensation in the 90’s, and it continues to be talked about in the stage design, and event industry. 


What is Aggro Crag Panels for Stage Design? 



Aggro Crag continues to light up a room with its unique shape and “WOW” factor. This is one reason Aggro Crag continues to be top of mind for most stage designers. Aggro Crag is a shape that is not always seen amongst common, modern decor. It stands out! For many churches, events, commercial event centers and others looking to enhance a room for an audience, Aggro Crag is a modern, trendy way to help your next event, or stage – stand out and leave a lasting impression.   


When designing stages, it’s important to make sure you work with a company that truly knows what they are doing. At Mod Scenes, we have years of experience in stage design. Whether it is the Aggro Crag panel shape, or a simple modular or spherical shape, we help craft your next event from start to finish to make sure your stage design is everything you envisioned, or more!

Mod Scenes and The Aggro Crag Panel Concept for Stage Design



At Mod Scenes, we take the Aggro Crag option that most search for, and we create stage design panels for your next event. The great thing about Mod Scenes Aggro Crag is our ability to allow you to try before you buy. Maybe you have a vision for you stage design, but you don’t quite have it entirely figured out. That’s when we come in! We make sure to give you our expertise, consultation, and like we said – you can even try before you buy. 

Looking for church stage design options, or even stage design options for your next corporate event, we encourage you to look at photos of the Aggro Crag design on our website and in our project gallery to fully understand the options that Aggro Crag shaping can do for your next event for the audience. When it comes to looking for the right design panels, most people can be overwhelmed by the options. That’s when we come into the picture as the experts in stage design. At Mod Scenes, we understand that Aggro Crag is a great option for stage design, but it’s not the only option. We have worked with churches, Fortune 500 Corporations enhancing an event – we work locally, nationally, and we make it so easy for you to plan your next event, or stage design your auditorium with us. 

For any type of stage design, it’s important to be intentional about your event. It’s important to leave an impression for the audience you are looking to serve. It’s important to create features that are out of the box. The whole point of a stage that captivates an audience is to leave them feeling illuminated, bring the “wow” factor, and to make sure the event is memorable. This is the same concept for church design, corporate events, and more!

Aggro Crag and the Facts You Never Knew!



When Aggro Crag built a life of its own in the early 90’s – no one knew the effect it would have on stage design now 30 years later! Aggro Crag created and amazing and intentional environment for viewers and competitors alike. For the shape itself, many of the competitors during the obstacles had trouble seeing the wall climb due to the Aggro Crag and it’s distracting and illuminating features. GUTS did an incredible job setting the stage, and enhancing the environment and this oftentimes included different segments of confetti, and even fog machines. 


Aggro Crag was a challenge all wanted to conquer on the show GUTS. Aggro Crag became a challenge because it became a giant puzzle. Again, everyone wanted a piece of the Aggro Crag. It was actually constructed so that it could be ripped apart, and put back together by competitors vying for a piece of the puzzle. 



You Too Can Buy a Piece of the Aggro Crag!



Did you know that even at the peak of its popularity, you could have bought a piece of the Aggro Crag! One of the conquerors of the obstacle at one point had their piece of Aggro Crag up for auction. Surprisingly, you can still purchase an original replica, and even the original piece online today. The aggro crag shape helped shape the stage and lighting industry for years to come.  Now, it’s even better. You can buy an Aggro Crag panel for stage design from Mod Scenes to enhance your next event, church stage, or any type of location where you are looking to leave an impression for your audience. Bring a piece of the Aggro Crag to your next event and see exactly what kind of options this legendary style can transform your next stage event. 



Contact Mod Scenes and Learn More About Aggro Crag Panels and Other Design Panels!



We let you try before you buy! This is the best part for most of our customers because they can choose the event style they are looking to achieve, and then they can test it out before the event to confirm their vision aligns with reality!

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